Why did I get chat restricted here when the morgs name was the nword and kept calling me r%%%%%ed?

Got chat restricted for saying this when our mogana kept calling me r%%%%%ed and had the n-word straight up in her name. Her and the ez were duo and said they were going to report me. When the morg actually was being racist and toxic. Game 1 Pre-Game Agreemadro: yeah sorry i main jungle too In-Game Agreemadro: they know Agreemadro: inter Agreemadro: you got played by not listenting to me Agreemadro: i said they know Agreemadro: lux pay attention Agreemadro: i pinged him Agreemadro: the fuck Agreemadro: you literally just didn't pay attention Agreemadro: voli stole my blue but nothing else Agreemadro: that was poor jungling on his part Agreemadro: let them push Agreemadro: wtf are you doing morg Agreemadro: this morg is braindead Agreemadro: you went in Agreemadro: when i couldn't Agreemadro: when i was sitting there Agreemadro: you ran them away from me Agreemadro: you are dumb af Agreemadro: muting cause you just repeated me instead of coming up with a good insult XD Agreemadro: morg inted into your bot lane then blamed me XD Agreemadro: why would you flash there Agreemadro: just stop her back and back off Agreemadro: hey ez what is it like having an inting support Agreemadro: who said they are a monster at morg Agreemadro: great flash Agreemadro: this morg is a toxic asshole Agreemadro: who just ints and blames Agreemadro: i literally can't gank any lane Agreemadro: because you guys won't hit shit Agreemadro: or chase them off Agreemadro: GAREN Agreemadro: why would you walk back to lane Agreemadro: is morg still trying to blame me for her inting Agreemadro: same here Agreemadro: plus morg is hard inting Agreemadro: along with garen Agreemadro: along with garen Agreemadro: ^^^ Agreemadro: i tried earlier Agreemadro: but morg fucked things up Agreemadro: ez and noct outscale voli and cait eventually Agreemadro: no she doesn't Agreemadro: ez can take half your health with 2 abilities Agreemadro: i can't drag when my support ints this hard Agreemadro: i muted her cause she was being toxic Agreemadro: this morg flamed me for her dying all those times Agreemadro: EZ Agreemadro: fucking come help Agreemadro: she was free Agreemadro: ez literally stood there Agreemadro: and watched Agreemadro: when you were killable Agreemadro: bruh it didn't matter Agreemadro: i had you feared Agreemadro: if he was hitting you during that you were dead Agreemadro: again i muted our morg Agreemadro: lux Agreemadro: i know Agreemadro: i will mute your pings Agreemadro: if you keep spamming them Agreemadro: tank for me Agreemadro: TANK Agreemadro: we can't now Agreemadro: I TOLD THEM TO DROP AGGRO Agreemadro: because they wouldn't fucking tank Agreemadro: /all Agreemadro: FUCKING LISTEN TO ME Agreemadro: you fucking idiots Agreemadro: i got us back in this Agreemadro: and you lost it for us Agreemadro: my team is so dumb Agreemadro: because morg was bs Agreemadro: and im right Post-Game Agreemadro: the difference between me and morg there Agreemadro: is morg made up shit and flamed Agreemadro: me saying you are idiots is right Agreemadro: You are actually dumb Agreemadro: you didn't listen to my calls Agreemadro: and lost us the game Agreemadro: I wasn't even toxic Agreemadro: The morg and ez are buddies Agreemadro: bullshit Agreemadro: also Agreemadro: Reported you for the flame and your racist name
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