The fact this kid isn't banned

Okay, I dont care that my accounts get 14 days bans, perma bans, etc. Yeah. I get a little toxic. What I care about is that ALL I DO is be a little toxic Yet I just went through a game iwth a "support garen" who was pissed because someone banned Nasus on him because he wanted to support he trolled. Ran right down mid fed 3 kills, our talon instantly quit, don't blame him having to deal with a 3/0 TF at 1:50. Then he ran down other lanes doing the same. Ended the game 0/23 When everyone were telling him he's going to get perma banned. "Riot doesnt perma neckbeard" "This is level 11 account lol i dont care i have more" "Riot isn't going to ban me for one game of 9x, thye don't check that" No notification that a player I've reported has been punished. No he will go on, allowed to play, might do this again randomly along the way, but because he did this once and only once he's good. No, that's not how it goes. If I murder someone just once, and only once, I'm not exempt from prison. You need to just IP ban this kid, people who think they're invincible because "its just a lvl 11 i can troll and I have more". That's now how riot works.
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