14 day ban because dad played a game on my account and did very bad.

Edit: the op.gg is working now. I see 2 games that were vs bots, and only 1 game was vs. other players. Hi, I have just been issued a 14 day ban. I received this for intentional feeding. I let my dad play bots on my account, and then he decided to queue up for a blind pick game. I don't know who he played or how bad he did, because I can't see it on match history, even on op.gg. He didn't intentionally lose the game, and I don't have a history of trying to lose games. I'm absolutely baffled that this happened in a blind pick game, considering that I get griefers, inters, and heavy flamers in every other RANKED game and there is rarely punishment for them. This is all I know, I will edit later as I need. Please undo this.
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