Consequences for Flaming in Aram

If you're caught flaming in aram, the following should Apply: * Your profile picture is immediately changed to that of a clown *every third word you type in the chat is replaced with "honk" * You can't use your skins and whatever champ you play has a big red glowing nose. Because let's face it. If you're going to flame in the least serious game mode ever created for a MOBA then dressing you up like a clown for a week or two is ideal because its how you are acting. A game mode so nonsensical it's iconic sound effect is a manatee screeing into the sky, and you're gonna bother someone about their build? Their performance? Knock it off. And since the community comes screeching like banshees anytime someone suggests banning or chat restricting people, this could be an alternate solution. (because supposedly neither chat bans nor actual bans work and yet none of these people ever has an actual solution to the toxic nutjobs that ruin the community.) Dress em up like clowns and embarrass them. As they should feel embarassed. I would be if I was harassing people in URF of all game modes. Flaming in URF is like breaking a guitar hero controller over the back of a seven-year-old's head at his birthday party because he can't do "Paint it Black" on Legendary.
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