A Justified Ban

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So, here's some context on the situation. I played Master Yi in normals, usual stuff. The game after that I find out that I have, apparently, been **perma-banned**! In that fateful game we had a very, how may I put it, interesting Draven. He flamed me, our support and top GP in all maners of ways, including: _stealing cs_, _ks'ing_, _"being a r%%%%%"_, _encouraging us to "never play this game again"_ and there may be some others I am forgetting. I retaliated with some slightly snarky comments but nothing I'd consider to be a personal, racial or phobic insult. Here are the chat lags for which Riot considered my behavior as "extremely inflammatory" : 1. * Game 1 2. * Pre-Game 3. * Vodka2287: jng 4. * In-Game 5. * Vodka2287: gl hf 6. * Vodka2287: And I was in alpha (a comment on how Draven called himself T1) 7. * Vodka2287: don't do drugs kids 8. * Vodka2287: that's what a %%% would do 9. * Vodka2287: I ain't a %%% (an extremely engaging conversation about the hypocrisy of the phrase ā„– 7) 10. * Vodka2287: cooldowns suck aaaaaaaaaaasssss (comment on my death, nuff said) 11. * Vodka2287: ward (comment on Draven's complaints about the lack of drakes taken) 12. * Vodka2287: alpha? 13. * Vodka2287: for real doe (comments on my death, nuff said) 14. * Vodka2287: stop being this toxic 15. * Vodka2287: you're t1 before reform 16. * Vodka2287: not cool man (comments on Draven insulting our support and me) 17. * Vodka2287: idk 18. * Vodka2287: why not? 19. * Vodka2287: meh (answer to Draven's questioning of my engage) 20. * Vodka2287: there man 21. * Vodka2287: a drake for you 22. * Vodka2287: need anything else? 23. * Vodka2287: baron? 24. * Vodka2287: red? (answer to Draven's complaint about a lack a drakes taken, proceeded by his further insult) 25. * Vodka2287: GP is fine 26. * Vodka2287: don't insult the man (answer to Draven after he complained that GP fed the enemy) Personally I'd be fine with a day or two ban, I've got other things to do, but the fact this is considered perma-ban worthy is kinda ridiculous to me. You be the judge, because I personally cannot comprehend what was so offensive in here. I guess at the very least you may take this situation as a precautionary tale to never use the chat in League of Legends.
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