3rd time in season 9 im seing this screen

the tl:dr of this story is that i play, i get some dude who goes 0/20 and then starts to chat like its the entire teams fault and basically behaves like he is god and made this game and its rules, while actually having no clue what he does and never reading the rules. this gets me so mad (its legit the only thing that tilts me) that i tend to say "can you fucking shut the fuck up, you feed all game, you flame all game and yet you behave like you are some god, you fucking suck and this is noone elses fault besides your own so shut up". i think i had over 10 chat restrictions this season. and no i dont mean i had ONE 10 game chat restriction. i mean i get punished, dont encounter this type of person for a while, my account status returns to "clean", i encounter this person, repeat x10. (sidenote. to help me "calm down" i just tend to play aram for 1 week straight and nothing else. whenever i play lol i go to aram. yes these people also exist in aram but its way more rare as its not ranked, you tend to get a champ you dont main etc. if you are in a similar position as i am, stay away from SR for a while) i tend to be stuck at honor 1, but its the 3rd time this season i made it back to honor 2. this is just me. and this will most likely always be me as these kind of players tilt me more than any troll or inter. BUT! once again i made it back to honor level 2, clearly showing i stayed GG for ~3 months straight. it is possible. and i still think i am a nice person. i just absolutely, to the end of my days, cant stand that type of player.
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