Forced name change

My summoner name is(was?) "Grape". I log in today to play a bit on my day off and before anything else I am being forced to change it. I understand the system _may_ have auto-flagged it (for what I can assume is an offensive containing word- to some) but come on. This is a name I have had for **years**, known by friends and recognized by rivals alike. Never had an issue with anyone for my name- its a fruit.. something so simple, pure and innocent this is silly really, you would have to scrabble my name to get it to mean anything more. I hope it wasn't reported by someone who somehow took it the wrong way, or just to spite me. As far as reactions I get nothing but people laughing or complimenting me about it if they even notice- I cannot recall a single instance where my username has generated any type of negativity rito.. can a Grape live?
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