I was banned, and have made a new account so my friends can help me with my confidence problems.

I don't know how they're actually supposed to do this, though, considering they have gold to plat normal MMR and I'm now on a level 2 account. I can't queue with them unless I want to get completely destroyed by people with runes and masteries, they can't make smurfs because more smurfs just compounds the already existing problems with the pre-30 experience, and on my own I'm at the mercy of actually semi-competent smurfs since I'm not exactly a good player to begin with. I don't know how to keep my chin up when the grind to 30 lacks any sense of wonder _(due to me knowing how the game works on a basic level and knowing what champions do)_ and doesn't have a very high payout _(there's so much stuff that I KNOW I have to save IP for, and you really don't earn a lot of IP en route to level 20 or 30 anymore, even with IP boosts)_. Then you start getting matched versus people with full runes while you're still scrounging up IP for them and leveling to unlock the last few slots. What's the best way to do this?
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