Unconventional way to stop flamers (as a bystander)

If you're struggling with teammates who argue, it may help to learn how to diffuse arguments and blame-games. A friend of mine solves it by taking the blame for everything, even if they obviously didn't do it. > Flamer: (to another player) "Dude what the fuck, why would you do that?" > My friend: "hey, my bad dude, I didn't realize." > Flamer: "No I'm talking to the other guy" > My friend: (ignoring the reference to the other person) "yeah man, I made a huge mistake. I'm sorry, it won't happen again." > Flamer: "... " Works like a charm. It takes all the wind out of their sails. They got angry and were gearing up for a fight in chat, but then the wrong person took the blame and there's no simple way to continue flaming. Plus it's the funniest shit ever to watch them stumble for a reason to stay angry and come up empty. Give this a try and let me know if you have as much fun as we do. _EDIT:_ **WARNING** - _Keep in mind if this does not work then the flamer's attention will be on you and you are likely to receive a lot of flame. If you're not ready to deal with that then you shouldn't attempt this. Best thing to do in that case is mute them._
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