Impossible to climb due to AFK's

Ranked is no longer fun. It feels like the most impossible task to win a game now because no matter how hard i try its usually for nothing. Winning lane means nothing when your adc decides to quit after dying once, or your jung gives up after one bad gank and starts power farming till you lose. Or a support hard engages every time she spawns even when shes without her team. I will win a game due to myself and duo carrying but it doesnt matter becasue ill lose the next 2 games because someone rage quits or starts trolling. I SHOULD NOT BE PUNISHED WITH A LOSS BECAUSE SOME DUMBASS QUITS. I am now losing 18 -20 lp on a loss and gaining +14 lp on a win because my stats are all messed up because of this. Heres a possible fix; If you are in a duo and one of the 2 quits, punish those 2 with a loss. That way if one guy starts throwing a fit his duo will probably try harder to keep him playing. if you are solo then only punish the solo who left with a loss. That way no one has to face the consequences of one guy leaving. PLEASE!!! everyone leave your opinion or stories of this garbage on here so it gets attention. Something has to be done to stop this or league will die.
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