A word to ADCs in Draft pick

Hey, I'm a support main and when I play draft pick (be it DynamicQ or SoloQ upon return) there's something I think is pretty fucking inconsiderate: If you're an ADC and I hover a support you either don't want to play with or you think is a bad pairing for your champ, just tell me! Please don't waste your ban on the champ I'm hovering. I, and most support mains, have more than 1 support champ we play so just ask if we can play someone else rather than wasting your ban on my hovered Karma. I can understand if I'm say, late in the draft for picking and you want to deny it, but tell me first. It's honestly one of the more tilting things in the game (aside from playing Zilean into Sivir/Morgana, fts) and you come across as an inconsiderate, self-absorbed prick who can't be bothered to see if their support is flexible. Thanks!
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