Toxicity in this game.

I'm writing this in a sour mood, so maybe I'm not looking at things in the correct light. Silver 3 toxicity is some of the highest I've ever seen it. It ranges from people rage-quit afking, to full on standing in nexus and typing while they could be winning games, to total-troll 0/12 at 10 min with 20 cs trying to rage-bait people so they can report those who have the audacity to be mad at them. I report every one I can, but get far fewer feedbacks than I report - suggesting that many of these players continue on their paths of awful behavior. This game is no longer fun; it's frustrating and at times feels hopeless. Three times in a row I have been in series only to lose out to people being afk or toxic. Please riot, fix the system, do something. I'm begging you for my own mental stability.
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