Is there a way to permanently disable the chat?

As a jungler i'm sick and fucking tired of getting flamed and blamed EVERY SINGLE GAME!!! Never fucking fails for at least 1 person on my team to flame and blame me. You think support is bad? JUNGLE IS LITERALLY HELL! And people wonder why no one likes the role, it's because NO ONE ON YOUR TEAM LIKES YOU! Then i get reported for firing back and BOOM i've been honor level 2 for 2 year's straight, it's damned near impossible to get honor's as a jungler it seems. Not a single person likes the jungler, i'm sick of getting reported for being toxic EVEN THOUGH I DO NOT START THE TOXICITY! I don't know where the option is but i want to permanently disable my chat, i'm sick of this toxic bullcrap and me being the only person who get's reported for it. Edit: I also don't want to lose my account to this crap because i love this game and i don't want to start over.
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