Why are smurfs so toxic?

My little brother asked me to help him learn how to play league today, so i set up an account and we played 2 bot games. Seemed ok, he had the common sense. Go back when your low bla bla bla. The other stuff you learn from experience. Like aim (ey first computer), items, how to know when to go in etc. I'm not good at the game myself actually. We then tried a normal summoners rift game. He fed but we still won. Than, ARAM... yikes. 2/12 as master yi. (i was siting beside him while he was playing). This one Lissandra, she went off on him. "Yi, are you trolling?" "You must be joking..." "You suck" "EVERYONE REPORT YI" then of course there was more (but can i curse on here?). I didn't even pay attention to the rest, i was busy making sure he doesn't get depression from day 1 of playing this game and quit. I looker her up (Lissandra) on op.gg or something like that, about ten games. All of them are like 15/2. (except for two losses which were both aram) Anyways, if YOU smurf, why would you flame someone who litterally just started. Yes they are bad, thats why they get placed with other bad people to play with/against. You l e a r n. And why do you smurf? Are you just so bad that you gotta inflate your ego playing against noobs? Did you get banned? for being toxic (probably)? Yeah i get it if it's ranked.. theres a lot on stake. BUT a normal game as level 7????????????? Why? For now i'll just have him play bot games, imo i remember being flamed a lot when i started too. Maybe i'm just being overprotective... {{sticker:sg-syndra}} I wanted to report but he shut down the computer right after :^( Maybe i typed too much, maybe nobody's gonna even read this. Just something i wanted to get out.
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