Honoring Enemy Players

Dear Rito, Sometimes I have games in which I always honor a teammate, but due to certain circumstances, which happens like fooling around in ARAM, I feel disappointed that I can no longer (optionally) honor enemy players. When I lose a ranked game by an awesome play of an enemy summoner I want to have to ability to honor them, because I think that they deserved the win. We can report enemy players anyway, why can't we honor them by giving them positive feedback? Back in the day you could honor all players and although I don't think that that is really necessary, I would like to give my opponent a thumbs up when I am in lane and someone really outplayed me. When in a positive mindset I can absorb what happened and see what I did wrong and even learn from it. Sometimes I can learn more from the enemy player by seeing how they play out the game in macro- and micro-gameplay, than by my own team, and I would like the possibility to send my gratitudes in the form of honor. In my (maybe naive and) humble world this would also lead to an enemy player getting less tilted when he plays a really good game with shotcalling and everybody honors the support. (Last one was just for fun). Even of it was through a fun talk over /all chat; it sometimes can give the game a more connected and fun vibe. Sincerely, A hardstuck Gold Player.
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