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I got chat restricted for not doing well in a ranked game. I tried the entire time, said LITERALLY NOTHING NEGATIVE, and at the end everyone reported me and I got chat restricted. **throughout the entirety of the game**, my team was flaming me nonstop. I still did not say anything negative, nor did I flame them. I only muted 1 of them who was flaming the most of all of them. The {{champion:103}} kept saying that I was a troll account. If you're wondering what I played, I got autofilled bot so I played yasuo adc (which works). In champ select the enemy realized that and picked ashe and karma to counter it which is why I didn't do so well. Can someone tell me what I did to deserve a chat restriction?? Here is my chat log from it: Game 1 Pre-Game Galievor8525: it works Galievor8525: its not new lol Galievor8525: its fine Galievor8525: play brand Galievor8525: and bot Galievor8525: he only left bot meta reently Galievor8525: we have this Galievor8525: trust e In-Game Galievor8525: why would i Galievor8525: ?? Galievor8525: what does playing yas have aything to do with it? Galievor8525: yll are tripping Galievor8525: why are you getting tilted already Galievor8525: chilll brand Galievor8525: im muting all just bc everyone on the team is flaming me Galievor8525: either u stfu or i mute bc im not tryna get tilte Galievor8525: muting brand Galievor8525: you telling m that isnt helping Galievor8525: i can play aggro till ashe comes Galievor8525: chill Galievor8525: or im muting your pings too Galievor8525: if brand says something that isnt flaming me tell me Galievor8525: excuse me? Galievor8525: yes it does brand Galievor8525: every single person has bad games Galievor8525: where did trolll account come from? Galievor8525: im having a bad game and they think im trolling Galievor8525: idk what else to say Galievor8525: I AM TRYING Galievor8525: it recently came out of meta Galievor8525: im not Galievor8525: wtf Galievor8525: im legtitimately trying but because i lost in laning phase, yall keep killing me Galievor8525: and if u think im a troll account check my Galievor8525: im having a bad game Galievor8525: im so confused Galievor8525: honestly if u think im a troll, i cant stop you from reporting. im just telling you that im having a bad game and if u dont beleieve that thats fine Galievor8525: i cant stop you Galievor8525: ahri i understand youre upset that im not doing well and i understand Galievor8525: but im not trolling Galievor8525: or intentionally feeding Galievor8525: what?? Galievor8525: IM TRYNA E TO THE RAPTORS Galievor8525: cant stop yo Galievor8525: jax has 10k ping Galievor8525: dont say that he is just afk Post-Game Galievor8525: i apoligize Galievor8525: i had a bad game Galievor8525: i cant stop you from reporting me but im just telling you as it is Galievor8525: you can be mad Galievor8525: i can understand ahri being the most mad Picture of my kda (with names colored out): (had my posted before forgot that it shows other names too) fyi, I already sent a ticket to riot but it has been 24+ hours and no reply so I'm taking it to the boards EDIT: I got my ticket back and it says: "This chat restriction was correctly placed on your account for negative chat behavior. I get that other players were giving you a hard time, but we have to hold each player accountable for their own behavior. It's important to remember that there's a difference between arguing with your teammates, and disagreeing with them. We don't expect you to agree with other players all the time. That would be unrealistic. However, the difference between the two is that arguing does not provide anything constructive to the game. When players start arguing , tensions start running higher, and things are more likely to escalate. Arguing serves as the foundation of more continued negative behavior, which is why we don't want to see it in games. I know that this behavior may be seen as being minor, but it's still behavior that we administer penalties for. I'm sorry to have to be so final, but we won't be appending this chat restriction, for any reason. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and honest opinions (and some for your sympathy). I'm gonna follow the advice that was given to me so as for this to not happen again. I did not expect this to get popular at all but I'm glad it did because I got some real advice. Thanks again, and see yall{{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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