permanently banned after being held hostage

before you read let me clearify the people that opposite this thtread have clearly never experienced this and my 14 day bann was just becaus ei was in a prom game and my 2 of our teamates decided to give up mid game and int even the enmy tean agreed on that but those 2 reported me and that was the inyl game i was toxic in for a week and a half but i get the bann a hammer i like hwo some of you make up these dumb reaosns but i know for a fact if you were in my position you would do the same thing you act all perfect but ik for a fact most of you arent thee little angels you act to be. so i literally just got off my 14 day bann TODAY and the first game i get into its a 4 man party and i ask then to ff bk most of them are high af and arent tkaing it serious at all so they decide to hokd me hostage for 55 min and all report me after game and i tried not to type this game but they inted on purpose and then would blame me instnatly my supp would roam when we got pushed in and i would die 5 sec later and they would flame me abd at that point i got flustered but later on i stoped caring becuase they were trying to get a 100 min game it and i didnt want to get leavebuster i hoenstley think i sohuldnt be perma banned for beingannoyed at the fact my team wants to int on purpose and then flame me. But i stoped caring and just stood in base i died a lot bk i didnt move no point i wanted the game ended but they would neevr end and no i didnt throw the game they would give each other kills and make sure they minions would not end the game heck they rached each other abd danced for 10 min but always killed me when i spawned because i didnt want to be apaort of it and yes i did leanr something form my bann but i got fursutrated because i had to sit ina agame for 55 min and watch ppl "GIVE" each other kills and never let me leave untill minions ended the game by accident you cant tell me it wouldnt geta nnying when yur team is a 4 man party trading kills and runnign it down mid then blaming the one solo q player because he wants to leave the game i have the whole game recorded if you need better clarity. I odnt deserve a perma ban because of my team wanitng to have a 100 min game and the 14 day bann was form 1 single game and literally what i got banned for was calling him stupid wich ik is bannable and i did learn my lesson 65% of that chat log is after the fact were i accepted the game taking forever and just started talking to them and joining in on there convo. I doubt any of them got punishe dbecause there a 4 man party chat log:Game 1 Omegaisking: he used w.... Omegaisking: lux is afk Omegaisking: lol Omegaisking: lux Omegaisking: wtf Omegaisking: r you doing Omegaisking: your playing the game half assed Omegaisking: you keep pausing to hoit your bpw Omegaisking: thats why you smoke before as game Omegaisking: jesius chris tdued Omegaisking: when you have more cs you know your having an unlucky game Omegaisking: sigh Omegaisking: well jinx is too fed now Omegaisking: nice Omegaisking: im on my own at this pint Omegaisking: i wish Omegaisking: my supp roamed all the way top Omegaisking: when were sturgglign in lane Omegaisking: use your head more dude Omegaisking: ff Omegaisking: lux decided to int Omegaisking: flashed into morgs stun Omegaisking: lol Omegaisking: 20/8 -THIS IS THE POINT WERE THEY START THE KILL TRADING AND NOT ENDING THE GAME Omegaisking: im tirnna have a chill niught Omegaisking: just ff and next game Omegaisking: i dont like playing 30 min games Omegaisking: bot lane is open Omegaisking: and you r torlling Omegaisking: literally cant supp Omegaisking: nah Omegaisking: my supp keeps getting me killed Omegaisking: thats not torlling Omegaisking: thats me wanting to move on Omegaisking: its apointless gmae Omegaisking: just wasitng an extra 30 min of a game that leads to a defeat Omegaisking: oh Omegaisking: its my fault you died? Omegaisking: what Omegaisking: amumu tried to 2v1 fed ppl Omegaisking: we would of both died anyway Omegaisking: i think logically dude Omegaisking: not i need kils every second Omegaisking: yeah this elo just cares about kils Omegaisking: i honestly dont care Omegaisking: ik we alr lost Omegaisking: because i can tyoe Omegaisking: im chillin Omegaisking: who reports in norms lmao Omegaisking: you gain nothign form norms lol Omegaisking: kayle you have 8 deatsh lol your itning just as bad Omegaisking: first of all Omegaisking: jinxes first kill Omegaisking: was on lux Omegaisking: beign afk smokign a bowl Omegaisking: like i said im chillin having a good time playing lol Omegaisking: not tkaing htis game serious its norms Omegaisking: ok then so why you complainign to me Omegaisking: just play and have fun Omegaisking: weed is still good fam Omegaisking: good to hear Omegaisking: i mean we can all go mid and take tower Omegaisking: force the rowers Omegaisking: mind blown Omegaisking: yez Omegaisking: same Omegaisking: i mean imagine if i played draven lol Omegaisking: i woulf of felt bad for you jinx Omegaisking: hell yeah Omegaisking: im fking trash at twitch Omegaisking: im a draven main Omegaisking: im triyng to sotp tpying Omegaisking: but hst Omegaisking: i sht on sivir Omegaisking: lol Omegaisking: y Omegaisking: im sorry but i wont be here for 70 min Omegaisking: so you guys are going for a 70 min game for no reaosn... Omegaisking: what my team says Omegaisking: i Omegaisking: im trinna leave tho' Omegaisking: i tried Omegaisking: the leave button is gone Omegaisking: prison is a place with no weed Omegaisking: you guys gonna end anytimew soon? i wanan play smoe draven Omegaisking: np Omegaisking: need help? Omegaisking: \fk we suck Omegaisking: smoe smoe is the new wave Omegaisking: 5 Omegaisking: gg fun game Omegaisking: ' Omegaisking: its op op Omegaisking: lemme go for that pls Omegaisking: bk im ding a lot Omegaisking: i havent farmed lol Omegaisking: i thhogiht about it Omegaisking: my itemss are norm tho Omegaisking: i got nrom items Omegaisking: wait comon end the fking game man Omegaisking: wlel this is all being recorded so Omegaisking: LET ME JOING IN ON THIS Omegaisking: IM FAS TAF BOI Omegaisking: ok im gonna dance in fountain Omegaisking: gl Omegaisking: im 1% away from lvling up Omegaisking: i didnt Omegaisking: i was shooting the eward Omegaisking: i ulte dthe ward Omegaisking: SONA WHY Omegaisking: can you guys end pls Omegaisking: this is getting boring Omegaisking: jinx end pls Omegaisking: ill dacne with you Omegaisking: and help Omegaisking: well morg is a dj head Omegaisking: dk Omegaisking: IM TUNK AF BOI Omegaisking: WIAT Omegaisking: YUOU DIED Omegaisking: im danceing if you see me dont kill me Omegaisking: \ Omegaisking: sona how Omegaisking: ill go back to norm items and famr lol Omegaisking: we can still win lol Omegaisking: gg we woild of won Omegaisking: we diid better Omegaisking: ggwp now im perma banned lmao the system is so bad honesltey people that can hokd someoen hostage can get away with it by reporting the victim so frusturating Omegaisking: im sorry but i wont be here for 70 min Omegaisking: so you guys are going for a 70 min game for no reaosn... Omegaisking: what my team says Omegaisking: i Omegaisking: im trinna leave tho' Omegaisking: i tried Omegaisking: the leave button is gone Omegaisking: prison is a place with no weed Omegaisking: you guys gonna end anytimew soon? i wanan play smoe draven proof right here that they wanted to extend the game also Glad to know the 300 dollars i poped into this account are gone down the drain
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