Hey everybody! A frequent question the Arbiters hear from you guys is, “When is the Tribunal coming back?” Those plans are on hold, but we miss it too, so we decided to try a miniature version of our own we’re calling THE VERDICT.

How is this going to work?

The plans for Tribunal 2.0 included voting on positive and neutral chat too. We intend on doing this with THE VERDICT to get your feedback on chat behavior, including how it is used and how it could be different.

Twice a week, there will be a Mini-Tribunal thread with the chat logs of volunteers. The logs will contain all the chat, but without summoner names.

There will be a poll attached to the thread. Just pick POSITIVE, NEUTRAL, or NEGATIVE. Keep in mind that your vote should be for the volunteer’s chat. The thread can be used for discussion about why you voted the way you did. Just remember to keep it civil.

Sounds cool! How do I volunteer?

Respond to this thread saying that it’s okay for us to pull your chat log. Remember, we’re looking for the full spectrum of behavior, so you can apply even if you haven’t had a punishment!

We’re going to be having application threads about once a month. We won’t be keeping the previous thread’s submissions, so you’ll need to volunteer each time.

Will this affect my ban?

No. Participating in THE VERDICT will not reduce or affect your chat restriction or ban in any way, nor will it affect your punishment level. This is solely for the purposes of fostering discussion and understanding.

Will there be pie?


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