insulting people > griefing

Got a ban from playing one for all's. Got two sets of premades that game, maybe all four of them were. But one set of the premades kept launching me with ziggs w into enemy team. It happened like 3 or 4 times. I got really frustrated obviously, no one gives a flying damn if youre winning and so i went over the line with my insulting. At the end of the game, i get a 2 week suspension for being too toxic because premades reported me WHILE THEY GRIEFED throughout the game. They can just mute me, I can't do anything about the way they play and when they literally grief. I feel helpless, i can't even talk to a rioter (i know my ban wont be lifted) because whenever the support system asks me to log in there is an error or login button does not respond at all. No need to even mention it but.. they did not get banned. :)
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