Crests of Honor and Other Goal Oriented Things

"Receive honor from a variety of players over a certain period of time will unlock a special crest" "You are ineligible to earn rewards until you smarten up" ...or whatever those bullshit sentences are. Instead of being so ambiguous about how a player can earn these things. Make them trackable in the player profile. People are goal oriented creatures, this would aid players in working towards that goal. Hell, you inform them on how they can get off of restrictions (15 games left, win 5 normal draft) why not tell the players how to earn positive things?!? Get honored by 3 more players and you unlock a crest of honor! Receive no negative reports for 5 more games and start earning loot! --------------- Riot, be more transparent. Stop hiding things. There's a reason there's a push in society right now for transparency... because secrecy breeds negativity.
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