Permabanned for calling actual intentional feeders ****ing braindead.

This is what's wrong with this game. I get literally permabanned with 1 game of chat log evidence for being rationally pissed about people intentionally feeding. It makes perfect since to give someone a permanent chat ban, but considering this is the first time I've been toxic in chat in over 40 games, a permanent ban from playing is the most outrageous thing I've ever experienced in gaming. Why are the good guys the people who go 0/7 in 5 minutes, and then troll in chat, while the people actually trying to play competitively and getting frustrated, like people do in every sport, get punished. Punishing people for being toxic in chat is completely necessary, even up to a permanent chat ban, but permanently banning a 5 year old account because of 1 game out of the last 100 or so is unbelievably anti-consumer. This isn't fortnite, children intentionally feeding for giggles shouldn't take precedent over people who have been playing for years.

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