One Extra Punishment Step

I know Riot did their data thing back with the results that by x punishments, it is shown that player will not reform. I get that, I really do, and my suggestion isn't really for the "typical" punished player. More like an unexpected perk to those going through the standard tier list: 10 game CR 25 game CR 14 day ban Perm. My suggestion is more for those punished for ZT who of course skip the CRs. >Add a second 14 day ban before the perm. That is the idea and I'll go ahead and address some of the concerns that I feel will be brought up. "Why add the extra step when Riot already has the data showing extra steps won't help?" Simply because, and do not mistake that I support toxicity, a ZT phrase jumps you to the end and doesn't allow for a much less toxic mistake per se. Maybe Joe got the 14 day for ZT and when he came back; made the mistake of report calling and saying that his team was iron level. He would hopefully realize the mistake with ZT. Now it is lesser toxicity he may noy be aware he is commiting. A new 14 day could be applied instead of a perm and hopefully teach that is also not okay. "Why should people who commit a ZT offense be able to get a second 14 day by commiting another?" They wouldn't. After a 14 day ban, using a ZT would skip the 2nd and result in a perm. I understand going from high(ZT) to low, but not from low to high (ZT). "Why should those who go through with consistent toxicity get the second 14 day?" Honestly, I don't care if they do. I just figured it would be easier on the system to not have competing ladders for the same offense (as Gameplay and Verbal are on two different ladders). "I don't think verbal toxicity should be punished at all." I respect your opinion, but I am not here to talk about what should and should not be punishable. Just here to suggest an idea to maybe help with reform. Anyone like to weigh in yheir thoughts?
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