Riot, you're a child

Game 1 Pre-Game Cainnieney: stop q'ing ranked Cainnieney: its not for y Cainnieney: you Cainnieney: because none of you can lane against him Cainnieney: all you do is feed Cainnieney: i love how you kids think thats angry Cainnieney: its a facty Cainnieney: why does that make you so mad Cainnieney: lmfao Cainnieney: all 4 of you Cainnieney: tf yuou talkin about? Cainnieney: obv if you're answering me Cainnieney: then you know im talking about you kid Cainnieney: thers a reason you're on a llosing streak Cainnieney: moroon Cainnieney: trash chase Cainnieney: the moron asking Cainnieney: and thining im mad Cainnieney: lmfao Cainnieney: yo'ure the one on a 10 game lsoing streak Cainnieney: sotp q'ing ranked In-Game Cainnieney: 8 game losing streak and all you play is teemo Cainnieney: mundo isnt saving you kid stop q'ing ranked Cainnieney: you're dog sht Cainnieney: s7 kaleidoscope Cainnieney: 120% not banned kid Cainnieney: kids mad i pointed out he doesnt belong in ranked Cainnieney: its not toxic, its facts Cainnieney: lmfaooo Cainnieney: ive been laughing at these kids for 5 min and they thnk im "angry" Cainnieney: when theyre the ones on the losing streak Cainnieney: vlad you have a 20% winrate Cainnieney: cringe Cainnieney: lol not my fault mundo is str8 dog sht Cainnieney: 8 game losing streak Cainnieney: and the only thing the kid plays is teemo Cainnieney: you just lost a whlle level urgot lmfa Cainnieney: hows it feel being behind a kid tahts on a 8 game losing streak Cainnieney: lmfaooo vlad if im alone in jg im using my flash Cainnieney: if mundo followed his laner wed be up 1 0 Cainnieney: therse a reason you lose every ranked game you q vld Cainnieney: op,gg doesnt lie bue Cainnieney: lollol taht shut you up Cainnieney: vlad keeps pinging my flash ive got him so mad Cainnieney: lmfaooo Cainnieney: theres a reason you lose every ranked game you q vald Cainnieney: says the kid nonstop pinging my flash timer Cainnieney: xD Cainnieney: hes autistic mad Cainnieney: all cuz i proved he doesnt belong in rankd Cainnieney: that wont change your skil Cainnieney: you're still dog sht and on a 8 game losing streak Cainnieney: yoiu are the definition of insanity kid Cainnieney: you're rigth , i am the samme level as amumu Cainnieney: good observation feeder Cainnieney: how do you get sht on by a vik Cainnieney: you counter him lmfao Cainnieney: you know your flash is on cooldown right kid? Cainnieney: thats on you if you dont wann drake Cainnieney: 1v3 drake?\ Cainnieney: lmfao Cainnieney: your fault for not collapsing vlad, its obvious you have no clue how to mid Cainnieney: vik would be dead 3 times by now if i was mid Cainnieney: yes youre 0 0 0 Cainnieney: hmnmm Cainnieney: by 15? Cainnieney: lmfaoo Cainnieney: vik is shtting on him Cainnieney: vlad counters vik Cainnieney: the fact vlad has 0 killls Cainnieney: is pathetic Cainnieney: vik is running vlad Cainnieney: my point exactly Cainnieney: dam vllad why did you flash? Cainnieney: scurb Cainnieney: scrub Cainnieney: lol says the kid getting shted on Cainnieney: trash mids always blame jg its priceless Cainnieney: get good before q';ing ranked Cainnieney: its not for you atm bud Cainnieney: lol Cainnieney: whyd you use your flash soraka? Cainnieney: you're so bad Cainnieney: ^ see how stupid you look Cainnieney: cant contesst jg without a mid Cainnieney: 8 game losing streak Cainnieney: lmfao Cainnieney: yes you Cainnieney: vlad its been 3 min since you ulted Cainnieney: you know you have a cooldown Cainnieney: vlads 02 Cainnieney: whats he then Cainnieney: lmfao Cainnieney: vlad look yourself up bud Cainnieney: id uninstall if i was that bad Cainnieney: LMFAOOO Cainnieney: you two havent won a ranked in 8 games Cainnieney: you're clueless Cainnieney: yo'ure not winning this Cainnieney: cant even carry with mundo lmfao Cainnieney: you lost kid Cainnieney: vlad and mundo are str8 clueless Cainnieney: if you dont go drake you lsoe Cainnieney: 120% Cainnieney: stop q'ing ranked Cainnieney: its simple Cainnieney: ^ Cainnieney: no mid no top Cainnieney: 9 game losing streak for you bud mayb eyou should stop q'ng Cainnieney: go back to bots Cainnieney: you were never winning, this kids a joke q'ing rnaked Cainnieney: clueless Cainnieney: yo'ure not winning ranked 4v5 Cainnieney: sorry Cainnieney: it just doesnt hapen Cainnieney: holy clueless Cainnieney: who else Cainnieney: says the kid on a 9 game losing streak Cainnieney: clueless asf Cainnieney: ya shes doing great lmfaooo Cainnieney: mundo you str8 up dont know how to play this game Cainnieney: stop q'ing ranked Cainnieney: hahaha Cainnieney: ya sivirs doing great Cainnieney: clueless Cainnieney: stop q'ing rnakedd Post-Game Cainnieney: lol Cainnieney: 10 game losing streak mundo Cainnieney: roooofl Cainnieney: im x10 better then youkid Cainnieney: "yoyohunter" Cainnieney: lmfaooo Cainnieney: you faced a clueless soraka Cainnieney: you're rerported too kid Cainnieney: thers a resaon you lose every ranked game you q Cainnieney: and? Cainnieney: lmfao Cainnieney: no one cares about you Cainnieney: youre a joke Cainnieney: um Cainnieney: i am when you're on a 8 game losing streak Cainnieney: lmfao Cainnieney: stop q'ing rnaked Cainnieney: you're dogsht this in no way constitutes for an instant ban. If this kid is such a joke that he que's ranked constantly just to troll and feed, he needs banned. not me, you morons.
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