Permabanned due to getting trolled and being on the end of toxic team mates?

Hey, I was recently permabanned on my main account due to not agreeing with a toxic troll player. He spent all game harassing one player, and I asked him why he was being so toxic when he was just running in and dying constantly. The player was insanely toxic and rude to our jungle for missing a knock up. The toxic player proceeded to report me, and I got hit with the ban hammer. I did not use strong language to harass or demean anyone at all. I didnt say any messed up things. Ive been waiting for days for support to reply to my ticket. Every time i get ahold of someone they tell me they cant do anything and i have to wait for the right group of support to reply. Ive been playing for over 5 years now, and its truly frustrating that this game has turned its back on anything that isnt completely toxic or troll. You have to pretty much put up with all the nonsense and as soon as you try to defuse or stop the bs you get in trouble for it, and nothing is ever done to the people who make this community what it is anymore. It's not a good sign when people can go around and say they hope my mother gets cancer, or they want me to kill myself, but I cant tell someone to stop being toxic, and just play.
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