There are a lot of bots playing against COOP Ai

I don't like to report player playing against bots, because they may be new to the game. However, in the last 10 games I played majority or all the players on my team are bots. They all have unique name so that's roughly 30-40 bots just base on my encounter alone. I am getting 20-40 kill rate while bot teammate only has 0-2 kills. (No way I am that good with human teammate). This gets frustrating when I am playing a champion that cannot single handily destroy everything come in it's way. The bot teammate not being smart, kept feeding enemy AI or tower diving, so I am not that over power against the enemy AI. I constantly have to jump between line to defend the tower, because bot teammate keep on dying. Signal them to defend the nexus does absolutely nothing. In last 3 games I lost, because as soon I die there is no defense at all. Their name usually contain random letters mixed case follow by English name, or English name first than mixed case random letters. English name will capitalize on the first letter. You can look at my Match History to see the pattern on the naming convention. I hope they aren't queuing up for 5v5, because that would ruin a lot of games. The only guess I have is they are bot leveling account 24/7 and selling the account with champion and skin unlocked for money.
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