Permabanned... Any hope for me?

I was recently in a ranked match, playing as vel'koz. I was on a tilt streak and the kayn on our team was annoying me. I took out my anger on kayn and proceeded to flame the whole game, which we lost. Upon discovering I had been perma'd I sent a support ticket, pleaing for a permanent chat ban or some alternative punishment. I also asked for my skins etc. to be moved to another account. I've lost almost all hope in ever recovering my account, yet I will reform. I made a new account and I'll try and get in to honor level 5 and be an overall exemplary player. I had made many friends on that account and poured countless hours and money into it. I just feel it would be fair to migrate all the skins (i.e. money you spent on the account) to a new one. I'm in the process of reforming my play. I've seen riot unban a couple of perma'd players. I doubt it will happen but I'd like a system to prove your reform, or atleast move your assets. Please help because I don't want to see all I've worked for disappear like this.

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