I admit I said "insensitive things" but 14 day ban with NO warning or chat restriction Please explai

For years I always shit talked. I admit I said things that could be labeled "offensive", but these are things I have said for YEARS on this game and nothing has ever happened. However, I just got a 14 day ban, without ever receiving a warning , notification I have been reported for anything, or even a a chat restriction. I thought the first step was chat restriction? No it goes straight to 14 day Ban. Anyways I just want to know why I skipped any chat restriction and went to a straight out ban. I will be quitting this game now as my on motivation was reaching Gold and now that is impossible with the ban and will just Play for fornite but please do explain why I skipped the initial chat punishments and went straight to a 14 day ban for behaving exactly how I have for over 5 years? Chat Logs: Game 1 Pre-Game Divinemethed: I've had much to drink this evening Divinemethed: Pick Jesus Jungle Divinemethed: hes op Divinemethed: Our lord and savior unbleieves will rot in hell Divinemethed: That is not how mute works Divinemethed: you mentally challenged bro? Divinemethed: Praise be LifetedMonk Divinemethed: Our Lord and Savior Divinemethed: May Muhhamed bless liftedmink Divinemethed: moink In-Game Divinemethed: mf turn off the gay porn so we can load faster Divinemethed: lel what u loaded Divinemethed: worst gank ever Divinemethed: i coudflvbe gotten out Divinemethed: i was jsut trying to make somthing happen i had flash Divinemethed: and taunt Divinemethed: was always ok Divinemethed: hencve i ddidnt die Divinemethed: gj nasus Divinemethed: wtf Divinemethed: mid Divinemethed: fuckign shit ass mid Divinemethed: engage Divinemethed: I FI ULT U GO IN Divinemethed: i saved ur ass mumu love u bae Divinemethed: nasus Divinemethed: stop losing us the gmae Divinemethed: nauss lost us game Divinemethed: gg Divinemethed: team fight WAS Divinemethed: there Divinemethed: you all Divinemethed: just didnt rotate Divinemethed: and tryied ot split push Divinemethed: iono why Divinemethed: yes Divinemethed: all mid Divinemethed: dsfjkakl'asdwe Divinemethed: sdafl Divinemethed: asdlf Divinemethed: U POEICE OF SHIT MID Divinemethed: PUSH Divinemethed: he has solo lost us the game Divinemethed: mumu wtf Divinemethed: all mid Divinemethed: we win teamfights Divinemethed: WEHY Divinemethed: RUN BACK In Divinemethed: omg Divinemethed: no Divinemethed: u ran back in Divinemethed: we hasd it Divinemethed: u ran back in Divinemethed: my scarfice Divinemethed: apparently for nothing Divinemethed: OMG Divinemethed: wtf mid Divinemethed: leawrn to play Divinemethed: zohyans the tp Divinemethed: then ult Divinemethed: wtf Divinemethed: really Divinemethed: ya Divinemethed: and u couldve had a double kill Divinemethed: but you fucke dup Divinemethed: nver seen such a bad play Divinemethed: then play proerly' Divinemethed: why wont u play right? Divinemethed: mid cause us game Divinemethed: didnt even ult Divinemethed: mid wont group i say again Divinemethed: we lose cuz mi d is shit Divinemethed: ul Divinemethed: t Divinemethed: yup Divinemethed: the split puysh fucks us Divinemethed: gg Divinemethed: nasus tgried ot split Divinemethed: and fucked the team Divinemethed: hes fed their top Divinemethed: gg Post-Game Divinemethed: 80% wr Divinemethed: and loses Divinemethed: must be me lmao not the shit top Game 2 Pre-Game Divinemethed: Camp bit Divinemethed: bot Divinemethed: they are immobile In-Game Divinemethed: The Jews are responsible for my slow loading time Divinemethed: I roam a ton Divinemethed: will bing my adc when i do Divinemethed: gank bot lee Divinemethed: gj Divinemethed: rammus waqs headin bot Divinemethed: k Divinemethed: wiw Divinemethed: i dont understand how with therads Divinemethed: ne combo q e did 750 damage Divinemethed: wtf was that gnak Divinemethed: target the adc Divinemethed: u Divinemethed: ulted Divinemethed: rammus Divinemethed: mid Divinemethed: fucked us Divinemethed: mid is 6/0 Divinemethed: OMG Divinemethed: LEE Divinemethed: goes blue Divinemethed: over kills Divinemethed: why Divinemethed: STOP Divinemethed: FARMING Divinemethed: u ARE AN EARLY GAME Divinemethed: omg Divinemethed: gg Divinemethed: apparently he beives in lee farms Divinemethed: too late game Divinemethed: werid Divinemethed: how Divinemethed: mid is shit Divinemethed: wt Divinemethed: we cant do everything Divinemethed: mid needs to do SOMETHING Divinemethed: jgin wtf Divinemethed: ult Divinemethed: realy Divinemethed: JGIN Divinemethed: i cant Divinemethed: 8 game shen winign steak Divinemethed: ruined by shit team Divinemethed: Mid Divinemethed: fucked us Divinemethed: end og game Divinemethed: no Divinemethed: its true Divinemethed: yes it does Divinemethed: need ot isolate why you lost Divinemethed: to improve Divinemethed: shti mid Divinemethed: ignore it next time Divinemethed: stop takign cs mid Divinemethed: u lost us game Divinemethed: just report mid Post-Game Divinemethed: 17 2 mid carries Divinemethed: lmao Divinemethed: duo queue is toxic .,... Once again I do not disagree with things being said that should not of. But why no warning, I probably would've stopped.Also more important I have said the EXACT same things for over 5 years and NOTHING not even a warning and am just legit curious why now of all times?
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