I'm not "triggered" by you throwing insults.

I'm not going to cry myself to sleep tonight because you were mean to me. I'm not "offended" by trash talk. I'm not some idiot who thinks we can rid the internet of trolls one day. I'm also not a "SJW" because I think you should be banned for it. When it comes down to it, LoL is how I use some of my free time for entertainment._ I don't want it to be my second job of babysitting players who are throwing legit toddler hissy fits because they aren't getting their way_. That is why you get banned. LoL is a team game and if you can't handle that then bye. If you're playing then you better be in it to win it. I'm not going to put up with you tilting my top laner because you feel you're the best shot caller in history and know the exact right decisions 100% of the time. I'm not going to just deal with you spending 10 minutes afk typing paragraphs at people. I don't acknowledge your divine right of telling others what to do. I don't feel like listening to you whine. _ **The minimum requirement is being neutral. Basic human decency is enough. You don't even have to be nice.** _ Exercise some self control. You're going to need it anyway in life. LoL is not real life where we have no choice but to accept that sometimes people are assholes or commit crimes. LoL is something that people opt in to investing their time and money. If they're not enjoying it, they simply just leave. Why would I want to waste my free time babysitting toddlers when I can go do something that is actually enjoyable? Let me give you another example. You run a movie theater. You have one customer in a room of 100 talking on their phone and ruining the time of the 99 other customers. Do you not kick the person on their phone out? Sure they paid for their ticket and might buy more in the future, but by allowing one person to ruin everyone else's time you might lose 50 other customers who are showing basic decency in the process. Coming to the movie theater is not mandatory and people will not come if they aren't enjoying themselves. The punishment system is varied by region and is dictated by the playerbase. If enough people get tired of your shit, you're shown the door. It's as simple as that. Losing your money is much better than losing the money of 10 others who are tired of putting up with you. Let me answer some of the responses that I'm sure some people are gonna copy/paste for the thousandth time # I've been banned FAQ > **"LoL players are snowflakes that get triggered by everything!"** No, like I said I really just dont feel like babysitting. Don't worry. I'm not actually offended, I just dont want to deal with you. Act the way you are in real life and very few will be your friend or want to be around you. Do it at a job and you'll get fired. Do it at a business and you'll get kicked out. People don't like dealing with assholes anywhere really. That doesn't make someone a snowflake. It's just how humans work. Maybe you should work on not getting triggered by an internet stranger dying in a video game. Just saying. > **"I spent $1000 on this game and Riot took it from me!"** That's nice. Read the terms you agreed to. Lots of players spend money on this game. Like I said, it makes more financial sense to ban you than it does to risk losing 10 players who are fed up with people like you. Plus Riot probably doesn't feel like dealing with your shit just as much as we don't. > **"But there are still toxic people so obviously its not working!"** **C'mon bruh.** No shit we're never going to be free of people being assholes on the internet. But you're going to sit here with a straight face and attempt to tell me that the system doesn't prevent a fuck ton of it? You're gonna try to tell me that removing the penalties isn't going to increase it tenfold? Seriously? > **"People can just make new accounts!"** Yes they can. Thats just part of the reality of f2p games we have to deal with. The goal of a permanent ban is to hopefully persuade a person to stop playing LoL altogether. Some people actually will quit. Others will learn their lesson. Others will continue doing the same thing. _**Getting some of these players out is better than none.**_ > **"Just use the mute button!"** Like I said, LoL is a team game. If I mute you then I lose the ability to communicate with one of my team mates which lowers my odds of winning. I also can't control you tilting the fuck out of the rest of my team and making them play worse. In it to win it or gtfo. > **"Why not just have longer/permanent chat restrictions!"** Because thats how it used to be and it didn't work. It didn't stop players from being toxic. It actually made it worse. People with practically permanent chat restrictions just found other ways of spiting people by trolling or soft inting. Speaking of which... > **"But trolls and inters get banned less!"** Frankly because it's harder to detect. The system is capable of detecting the most blatant offenders (I.E. buying tears, mobis, and running it down mid). There are literally millions of players playing billions of matches. It's just laughably unrealistic to expect Riot to have actual people review every replay every time someone is reported. Chat is easier to monitor and that's just a reality we have to deal with. It's not ideal but its reality. Go ahead, try writing an algorithm that cant detect the difference between someone trying to spit push and someone intentionally not grouping. Or one that can tell the difference between someone getting caught and someone intentionally stepping just a little too far forward. I'll wait. Forgive me for not holding my breath. > **"The IFS is too sensitive!"** It's not. I have been playing for almost 6 years now and have never been chat restricted once. It's not because I never say anything negative. As a matter of fact I have told many trolls to "shut the fuck up" or "fuck off" plenty of times. The difference being is this is pretty rare because I only do this to ***actual trolls*** and people being over the top assholes. I don't do this to someone who is 0/3 by 10 minutes because they're having a bad game. I also limit myself to one line then mute them and dont spend the rest of the match typing a 2000 word essay on how much I hate them. > **"I was defending myself!"** No you weren't. You were throwing insults back. That's an eye for an eye. That's not how our society works. You aren't high and mighty by sinking to their level. You're just being a dick too. > **"I only got punished because a premade ganged up on me!"** Wrong again. One report triggers the exact same review that nine does. You got punished for throwing insults back or starting it to begin with. Please refer to **"I was defending myself!"** > **"Riot should give me a second chance!"** You've already been given one. You've probably been given multiple. Chat restrictions are warning you that your behavior is not acceptable. A 14 day ban is Riot telling you to cut the crap or you're gone. You chose to ignore the warnings and chances you've already been given. You now have to deal with the consequences. Have some accountability for your actions. > **"BUT MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH!"** You are clueless as to what this actually means. What this means is that _**the government**_ will not arrest you for your ideas or words _as long as you aren't harming the well-being of others._ ***It does not apply to private business AT ALL.*** A private business has every right to dictate what you are and are not allowed to say under their domain. Not only do they have the right to regulate their private domain, but you also agreed to a contract that specifically prohibits you from acting negatively to others. Again, read the terms you agreed to. This does not in any way, shape, or form violate or infringe on your rights of free speech. You can't continue talking in a movie theater because you have free speech. You can't scream obscenities at people in a bar because you have free speech. You can't make death threats to someone because you have free speech. Libel and slander are still crimes you can get sued for. Understand now?
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