Why is supports taking the ADC's farm not reportable?

To make a long story short, in two recent games I have played, I did not finish a kill (because I missed my Q with Ezreal, because they flash healed and got away etc.), and it has tilted my support to the point of purposely taking farm. I'm talking Velkoz level 3 blowing abilities to last hit and putting me behind. There was a story recently of singed queuing up as support but getting banned because he was roaming and doing nothing to support, aka not playing his position properly. So my question is, why is supports purposely taking farm, not the same exact thing as that singed was doing? The Velkoz in my game was so troll that he flashed out of a Caitlyn ult with FULL HEALTH, instead of taking it for me, which got the Caitlyn a kill, and further snowball on me. In both of these games I begged the support, begged the team to ask the support to stop. My team responded by telling me I was underfarmed and weak. Then they flamed me for doing no damage and reported me. I even asked the other team to report, and what happens, I get chat restricted. I spoke with someone on league live chat and they told me that you can still type in the box what they did, but what I'm asking for it why does it not have it's own field? We all know a support has never ever been punished by such blatant toxic behavior. Life is already hard enough for an adc without getting trolled by your support. This, in my opinion, is one of the biggest reasons the community is so fricken toxic. They ban/restrict people who type, but the clear cut trolls get away free. Now I have to deal with a 25 game chat restriction. TLDR; I typed asking 2 supports in recent games to stop taking farm, and I got chat restricted while they got away. Why do they go unpunished?

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