Entire teams afk'ing at 15 minutes

This is a phenomenon that I haven't seen in previous seasons. Litteral entire teams sitting afk at the spawn not even 15 minutes in. Is anyone else seeing this? I'm used to having toxic people in nearly every match, it's a given. But every other player on my team? every single one? They don't FF. They just tell me that they are done and either leave the game entirely or walk in circles by the fountain. Nothing feels more hopeless than trying to beg your team to continue fighting and trying to 1v5 as the support while your nexus falls. I swear it feels like the more players we ban the worse the community gets. You'd think people would be weeded out by now. I feel almost as if your entire team gives up and quits early like that, you should lose less LP. The obvious issue with that is that these same players would still abuse it, even if they lost double LP while those who kept playing lost half.
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