My experience with being Perma-Banned in League Of Legends.

Before I begin, I would like everyone to write mature and relevant comments if at all. I have been playing League for around five years now, since 2013. I am 19 years old and always had a bad and toxic experience as I had a frowned upon username until about last year (the name was MINECRAFT2050, now BaronBoots). People were constantly toxic towards me with a few good people welcoming me, I believe that I was/am a good player, maybe not much then as now aha but the main idea of this is describing the community and how I was treated, by other people and being punished. Personally, I've always thought the people (who would mock my name after killing them or how they might have felt embarrassed by being killed with someone with minecraft in their name) were the ones who made me angry, as a little 14 year old kid I was responsible for my actions but didn't see them as much back then. Numerous times i got chat banned, but nothing such as a two week ban (well at least I don't recall so). Recently in 2018 I think around February, I was suspended for Fourteen days and I tried to reform myself and become more positive. On the 7th of June 2018 I was Perma-Banned. I was being told to take my own life, my mother was a stupid bitch and that I should get banned etc, now get this, those comments (and more by the way) were made by multiple people. I have never, ever felt more out raged than this. My ban: Now, I have sent a ticket and a Rioter responded, someone by vic7orr or something like that. I am trying to tell them my situation and how dedicated I was to trying to become more positive (You'll see with Ahri in my chat logs) but all they saw was me being toxic, our conversation is still ongoing via email and I feel humiliated as I tried my best and performed at a lower level than I wanted to behavior wise. Game 1 Pre-Game BaronBoots: mid BaronBoots: mid BaronBoots: mid BaronBoots: mid BaronBoots: first mid BaronBoots: report yasou BaronBoots: instalock BaronBoots: BaronBoots Dusty : mid BaronBoots Dusty : mid BaronBoots Dusty : mid bbybóo50: bo premad BaronBoots Dusty : mid maofaka: mid maofaka: mid maofaka: mid BaronBoots: stupid yasou player BaronBoots: s BaronBoots: ffs BaronBoots: /me ugh BaronBoots: no he doesn;t In-Game BaronBoots: told you BaronBoots: Yasou instalocked BaronBoots: Sorry guys BaronBoots: ? BaronBoots: Sh*t BaronBoots: WP ma BaronBoots: Man BaronBoots: Mb BaronBoots: :) BaronBoots: Im single BaronBoots: <# BaronBoots: Ill give you kills BaronBoots: If you date me BaronBoots: Dont dso it BaronBoots: One sec BaronBoots: Ok BaronBoots: Back BaronBoots: LOL BaronBoots: Wp BaronBoots: Lol BaronBoots: <333 BaronBoots: can we date? BaronBoots: :( BaronBoots: THought you wanted to see my cool skills BaronBoots: Impress you BaronBoots: Yasou is asking my age BaronBoots: Im 67 BaronBoots: :( BaronBoots: Awh BaronBoots: Awh BaronBoots: Im sorry :( BaronBoots: yasou BaronBoots: mid BaronBoots: Ill focus Lucian and not you BaronBoots: Well your spelling indiacates the same thing BaronBoots: 0/1 BaronBoots: League is a dating app BaronBoots: Lol BaronBoots: <3 BaronBoots: You and lucian BaronBoots: LOL BaronBoots: YASOU DIED TO KRUGS BaronBoots: 2ND TIME BaronBoots: Bruh BaronBoots: LOL BaronBoots: Oops BaronBoots: Didnt mean to flah BaronBoots: Flash BaronBoots: no one cares yasou BaronBoots: Well BaronBoots: :( BaronBoots: ss mid BaronBoots: she going bot BaronBoots: WOW BaronBoots: OUTPLAYED BaronBoots: I HAD 100 HPPPP BaronBoots: AHHHHHHHHHH BaronBoots: Im like mastery lvl 4 BaronBoots: 1/4 BaronBoots: Keep feeding BaronBoots: There's a mute button BaronBoots: Use it, are you blind? BaronBoots: Yeah lmao BaronBoots: Cmon ahri BaronBoots: Well BaronBoots: R.I.P ahri BaronBoots: Your fault Yasou BaronBoots: You instalocked, you pay the price BaronBoots: Telling me to stfu now BaronBoots: its 20+ mins soraka BaronBoots: Jesus BaronBoots: You stfu BaronBoots: Bitch BaronBoots: Bow down to m BaronBoots: To me BaronBoots: Bow down to me BaronBoots: LOL BaronBoots: Bow down to me BaronBoots: %%%%%% BaronBoots: <3 BaronBoots: LOL BaronBoots: Im only being mean to them BaronBoots: BEcause they are toxic to me BaronBoots: Ugh BaronBoots: :( BaronBoots: LOL BaronBoots: <33 BaronBoots: Got ultes by kld BaronBoots: Jhin BaronBoots: BOw down BaronBoots: :)) BaronBoots: jesus BaronBoots: Keep crying BaronBoots: i did BaronBoots: <3 BaronBoots: Sure man BaronBoots: Lol BaronBoots: AHAHA BaronBoots: SO BAD BaronBoots: NOOB BaronBoots: EZ GAME BaronBoots: YOU DIED BaronBoots: AHAH BaronBoots: You were all toxic to me BaronBoots: Lol BaronBoots: See? BaronBoots: Just report you all except for kled and ahri BaronBoots: There is a mute button BaronBoots: Lol no diana BaronBoots: LOL BaronBoots: AHAHA BaronBoots: JHIN BaronBoots: GOOD JO BaronBoots: JOB BaronBoots: AHAHAH BaronBoots: I killed you BaronBoots: didnt do anythin BaronBoots: Keep being salty kid BaronBoots: How old are you? BaronBoots: 5? BaronBoots: Nah, that's a stretch BaronBoots: Didnt mean to do that BaronBoots: Ulted back BaronBoots: Well im doing better than Yasou, 2/7. BaronBoots: Sure BaronBoots: Saltyyyy BaronBoots: Sallltyyyyyyyyyyyyy BaronBoots: SAlllltyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy BaronBoots: SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAlty BaronBoots: Yeah BaronBoots: Sorry BaronBoots: LOL BaronBoots: JHIN BaronBoots: Dead BaronBoots: Rip BaronBoots: AHAH BaronBoots: JHIN BaronBoots: Ez BaronBoots: <3 BaronBoots: Sure BaronBoots: Then you must be 3 BaronBoots: Or 1 BaronBoots: IF you're worse BaronBoots: Nice feed BaronBoots: Where BaronBoots: Where BaronBoots: ? BaronBoots: Lets fight BaronBoots: Well BaronBoots: I didnt see ahri and kled behind BaronBoots: That wasnt even a 1v1 lmao BaronBoots: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH BaronBoots: DIED TO GAREN BaronBoots: GG BaronBoots: Ez game lads BaronBoots: And ahri BaronBoots: <3 BaronBoots: Sure BaronBoots: You're the one being salty, toxic BaronBoots: And more BaronBoots: Yeah diana BaronBoots: AHAHA BaronBoots: EZ JGUN BaronBoots: GG Post-Game BaronBoots: time to perma ban jhin BaronBoots: diana BaronBoots: lucian BaronBoots: and yas BaronBoots: wp ahri BaronBoots: surer BaronBoots: toxci BaronBoots: and swear a me Game 2 Pre-Game BaronBoots: I want pyke :( BaronBoots: lmao BaronBoots: reported BaronBoots: idc lol BaronBoots: for? BaronBoots: LMAO BaronBoots: rip killercarwash BaronBoots: go karthus and i will report you for griefing BaronBoots: LOL BaronBoots: for? BaronBoots: how? BaronBoots: bruh BaronBoots: you are toxic af In-Game BaronBoots: bruh BaronBoots: griefing now too huh? BaronBoots: Lovely how my botlane is trolling and wont help BaronBoots: got invaded BaronBoots: botlane dont wanna help BaronBoots: I wasnt looking BaronBoots: zoe?? BaronBoots: Gg BaronBoots: lux in bush BaronBoots: naut mid BaronBoots: nice ss mid BaronBoots: omfg BaronBoots: i cant do anything BaronBoots: zoe BaronBoots: can you acc do something and help? BaronBoots: there we go BaronBoots: ty BaronBoots: ss bot BaronBoots: and mid BaronBoots: sorry BaronBoots: MID BaronBoots: CAN YOU SS BaronBoots: PLEASE BaronBoots: one time!!!! BaronBoots: ots fine BaronBoots: im getting kills BaronBoots: LOL BaronBoots: ? BaronBoots: this botlane is so useless BaronBoots: never help BaronBoots: fine BaronBoots: i wont gank bot anymore BaronBoots: you guys dont help BaronBoots: and you are toxic BaronBoots: see? BaronBoots: little 12 year olds kids BaronBoots: troll BaronBoots: get banned BaronBoots: please BaronBoots: no ss mid BaronBoots: gg BaronBoots: no ss bot lane BaronBoots: you said it when i died BaronBoots: they are taking herald BaronBoots: told you BaronBoots: can you please BaronBoots: just shut up BaronBoots: Literally are so toxic BaronBoots: They are duos im sure BaronBoots: I banned pyke because he is op rn BaronBoots: And you didnt have the next pick BaronBoots: How do 12 year olds even sign up for league BaronBoots: feeder BaronBoots: feeder BaronBoots: feeder BaronBoots: lol BaronBoots: ahaha BaronBoots: noob BaronBoots: get goo BaronBoots: good BaronBoots: noob BaronBoots: feeder BaronBoots: you are dead BaronBoots: im not BaronBoots: noobs BaronBoots: get good BaronBoots: ahaha BaronBoots: so bad BaronBoots: 80 BaronBoots: you? BaronBoots: exactly BaronBoots: ahahahah BaronBoots: lol BaronBoots: im better than you BaronBoots: Lol BaronBoots: just gonna get you banned kalista BaronBoots: learn to spell too BaronBoots: AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA BaronBoots: feeder BaronBoots: LOL BaronBoots: NOOBS BaronBoots: LOL AHAHA Game 3 Pre-Game BaronBoots: So BaronBoots: If i play bad BaronBoots: i have a blister on my thumb as an excuse BaronBoots: but i dont know how i got it BaronBoots: NO BaronBoots: Why does everyone keep saying that BaronBoots: do you have experience? BaronBoots: ? BaronBoots: IM crying BaronBoots: i have 3 skins missing for riven BaronBoots: 2 are championships BaronBoots: one is redeemed BaronBoots: which one BaronBoots: :) In-Game BaronBoots: nice vlad skin BaronBoots: i have the diana one BaronBoots: inade BaronBoots: invade BaronBoots: LOL BaronBoots: push BaronBoots: wp BaronBoots: ward BaronBoots: wtf BaronBoots: he heals? BaronBoots: i do not know renekton lmao BaronBoots: remember guys BaronBoots: Blister BaronBoots: i cant BaronBoots: he does way too much damage BaronBoots: im fucking sick of riven BaronBoots: she is too BaronBoots: squishy BaronBoots: I FLASHEd BaronBoots: WHAT TF IS THIS ASS GAMe BaronBoots: KAYN BaronBoots: WHAT AREYOU DOING BaronBoots: HE HAS 3 KILLS BaronBoots: GG BaronBoots: ffs BaronBoots: gg BaronBoots: this kayn is so useless BaronBoots: Kayn is useless BaronBoots: Doesnt help when i go in BaronBoots: Why? BaronBoots: idc BaronBoots: riven is trash in these match ups BaronBoots: she has no sustain BaronBoots: 1/2 kayn BaronBoots: stfu BaronBoots: i hate this game BaronBoots: im playing like galmiz BaronBoots: Great BaronBoots: I do no damage too BaronBoots: No BaronBoots: how BaronBoots: he has 6 kills BaronBoots: stfu BaronBoots: ? BaronBoots: You have 6 kills BaronBoots: I had 0 BaronBoots: gj pyke BaronBoots: great flash too BaronBoots: you counter adcs BaronBoots: but here we are BaronBoots: lolololol BaronBoots: and he gains 300 hp BaronBoots: Kayn literally just flamed me in the same sentence BaronBoots: you are toxic BaronBoots: maybe gank more if you wanna be useful BaronBoots: here we are BaronBoots: pyke rushing in BaronBoots: gj BaronBoots: ss renek BaronBoots: nope BaronBoots: lmao BaronBoots: wtf is this dmh BaronBoots: Obtane???? BaronBoots: 4/5 BaronBoots: im acc inting BaronBoots: nah BaronBoots: toxic ass player BaronBoots: LMAO BaronBoots: Agreed BaronBoots: Im trash at riven tbh BaronBoots: This kayn keeps calling me a feeder and stuff BaronBoots: Just report ihm BaronBoots: Gj BaronBoots: Wp man BaronBoots: laggg BaronBoots: dude BaronBoots: stop crying BaronBoots: calling me a noob too now BaronBoots: Lmao BaronBoots: Renekton BaronBoots: Do you know how to counter tanks as a squishy champ BaronBoots: for? BaronBoots: oml BaronBoots: kayn is mentally handicapped BaronBoots: Yh BaronBoots: What wat BaronBoots: Gg Post-Game BaronBoots: well BaronBoots: i played like trash lmao BaronBoots: yh BaronBoots: wp renekton Look I called people noobs around 2-3 times and named them salty af and I even quoted them multiple times which leads me to believe thats the main reason I was suspended. Now I am going to show you chat logs from before my Fourteen day suspension: vic7orr vic7orr (Riot Games Player Support) Jun 9, 8:52 AM PDT Hey again, [6:10] BaronBoots (Irelia): fucking told you [6:12] BaronBoots (Irelia): i cant do anything [7:27] BaronBoots (Irelia): im leaving [7:31] BaronBoots (Irelia): you dont do anything wukong [7:44] BaronBoots (Irelia): repotred [7:45] BaronBoots (Irelia): reported [7:48] BaronBoots (Irelia): useless jungler [8:06] BaronBoots (Irelia): stfu [8:20] BaronBoots (Irelia): im gonna int [9:28] [All] BaronBoots (Irelia): Ez [6:07] BaronBoots (Riven): this kayn is so useless [6:22] [All] BaronBoots (Riven): Kayn is useless [20:54] BaronBoots (Riven): kayn is mentally handicapped [13:13] BaronBoots (Kindred): this botlane is so useless I think I reform quite well rather than cussing back to my enemies that were calling my mother a slut and to kill myself, just to note I have also spent lots of money on the game itself over the years. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} Edit: I would like to say that when I asked them to bow down to me bitch, I was joking as I was a fed Zed.
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