3 games trolled out of the last 7, are we serious riot?

Trundle who abandons top at 2 min and follows me around jg taking cs, mid kalista, support garen who steals all the adc cs. And not a single message any of them have been banned. 2 of the last 7 were remakes, so that makes 2 in the last 7 games where I had a regular, playable game. Why in the heck would I want to continue to play your game when you do absolutely nothing to deter the absolute constant flow of trolls and jerks from ruining the game? You can manage to ban a person in 5 min if they use one of your no no words, but I can have half of all my games ruined with no repercussions? Furthermore, the fact that you don't compensate your trolled players is ridiculous. Why should I suffer lp loss over and over, while my time is wasted and my experience is ruined, and get nothing but a "suck it up buttercup" as a response? You guys have allowed your game to continue to get worse and worse and you do nothing to try to mitigate trolls and people that ruin the experience. I would literally pay you a thousand dollars to have a queue with people that would call me every racial slur in the book if they weren't trolls. Instead I get the opposite. Sure the game isn't the least bit playable, but at least nobody calls me something bad which I can easily mute....
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