do i deserve the perma-ban ? (game log included)

Hii guys , I play at eune sever but i came here cuz the people here are helpful and friendly , ok so I've playing this game for 3 seasons but this season it seems all ridiculous to me .. if riot doesnt want us to use the chat function then block it ... I've never seen the banning system so non tolerant and dumb in my whole life ... So I had some premade foreigners that kept flaming me in their languages for getting beaten down by another irelia and spammed the requests for ganks... i dont mind getting banned for what I did ( i opened the lane after their ranting and went bot ) .. but why shouldnt they get banned just like me ? is it because they were 4 ? (this is the only game that caused my permaban no other games were put in the report) Game 1 OTPtoxic01: yi OTPtoxic01: a little help OTPtoxic01: can u gank ? OTPtoxic01: yi ? OTPtoxic01: can u ?? OTPtoxic01: good OTPtoxic01: can u leave nw OTPtoxic01: and gank when am alive ? OTPtoxic01: you know ? OTPtoxic01: lmao OTPtoxic01: just gank OTPtoxic01: just gank ill get her to u OTPtoxic01: OK OTPtoxic01: I AM NOT OTPtoxic01: CAN U GANK ? OTPtoxic01: CAN I GET A GANK OTPtoxic01: OK OTPtoxic01: thanks yi OTPtoxic01: AM NOT PUSHING OTPtoxic01: FOR FUCK SAKE OTPtoxic01: I SWEAR AM NOT OTPtoxic01: LOOK AT MY LANE NW OTPtoxic01: CAN U JUST GANK ME ? OTPtoxic01: OR ILL OPEN OTPtoxic01: ofc OTPtoxic01: a polish OTPtoxic01: thats why u suck OTPtoxic01: yea OTPtoxic01: i got babysitted u know ? OTPtoxic01: and this yi never ganked OTPtoxic01: next death open lane tw OTPtoxic01: btw OTPtoxic01: ok OTPtoxic01: open lane OTPtoxic01: bb OTPtoxic01: it is OTPtoxic01: yea OTPtoxic01: keep flaming OTPtoxic01: and ill go more OTPtoxic01: ye OTPtoxic01: u dont know what flame is right ? OTPtoxic01: xd OTPtoxic01: carry me OTPtoxic01: i wont try to win it OTPtoxic01: for ? OTPtoxic01: naut is funny af OTPtoxic01: he thinks i shouldbe banned OTPtoxic01: cuz irelia had 2 early ganks OTPtoxic01: and i didnt get any OTPtoxic01: yea OTPtoxic01: i think OTPtoxic01: rito should fix this OTPtoxic01: 4 polskas OTPtoxic01: lmao this is hell OTPtoxic01: ill go baronnnn OTPtoxic01: such feed OTPtoxic01: lol OTPtoxic01: for what ? OTPtoxic01: what have i done wrong ? OTPtoxic01: am not grieving neither inting OTPtoxic01: just report the yas for flaming OTPtoxic01: master yi's IGN OTPtoxic01: is hairless OTPtoxic01: nibba got bald from all the cancer he's doing OTPtoxic01: xd OTPtoxic01: u r also reported naut OTPtoxic01: u nearly reported all ur teammates OTPtoxic01: lets baron xd OTPtoxic01: baron so fed OTPtoxic01: who fed baron guys ? OTPtoxic01: xd OTPtoxic01: i am saving money to bribe baron camp OTPtoxic01: going baron xd OTPtoxic01: u do OTPtoxic01: 4 of u do OTPtoxic01: wtf OTPtoxic01: why baron so fed OTPtoxic01: they get baron withuot me OTPtoxic01: ;-; OTPtoxic01: BARON OTPtoxic01: N OTPtoxic01: S OTPtoxic01: N OTPtoxic01: A OTPtoxic01: S OTPtoxic01: H OTPtoxic01: O OTPtoxic01: R OTPtoxic01: ?? OTPtoxic01: LMAO OTPtoxic01: BEEN SAYING BARON SINCE MIN 20 OTPtoxic01: but they prefer kills OTPtoxic01: i go baron OTPtoxic01: xd OTPtoxic01: i press yes OTPtoxic01: kiss emoticon OTPtoxic01: love u naut OTPtoxic01: team hurts me rn OTPtoxic01: they keep saying lets go in as 4 OTPtoxic01: sad niqqa hours ;-; OTPtoxic01: next time gank me m8 OTPtoxic01: heart emoticon OTPtoxic01: xd OTPtoxic01: xdd OTPtoxic01: i dont ask u to carry OTPtoxic01: yasui OTPtoxic01: who's yasui OTPtoxic01: ;-; OTPtoxic01: go as 3 OTPtoxic01: go as 2 OTPtoxic01: go as 1 OTPtoxic01: idc OTPtoxic01: u just lost xd OTPtoxic01: Ggwp OTPtoxic01: report yi , naut and yas for flame OTPtoxic01: naut OTPtoxic01: backdoor that mf turret OTPtoxic01: i was going to honor u ashe OTPtoxic01: but now u seem like u're premade with them OTPtoxic01: lol OTPtoxic01: am stunned OTPtoxic01: but still can dance OTPtoxic01: wowowwo OTPtoxic01: 7k gold OTPtoxic01: rip guys OTPtoxic01: xd yi afk OTPtoxic01: gg OTPtoxic01: xd OTPtoxic01: uncarriable OTPtoxic01: report yas OTPtoxic01: and naut OTPtoxic01: and yi OTPtoxic01: for flaming OTPtoxic01: premades OTPtoxic01: they flame tho OTPtoxic01: i dont care ifwe lose
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