Friend got chat restricted after asking a player's facebook name.

**DISCLAIMER:** This is not a typical cry-post telling riot to lift punishes (the punish has already end). I have not received this chat restriction. My friend did and after what he told me am very curious and i wanted to ask you guys your opinion about the reason he got banned. So a friend of mine got 10 games chat restricted. I asked him "why", because am suprised because he nevers flames whatsoever (the only offensive thing he does is asking for reports). He told me that he asked a player's age and when the player told him his age, he wanted to confirm that he was telling the truth by asking him his facebook name in order to search him and confirm his age. Now you will tell me "why he bothers to learn his age so bad?". Well dont ask me! Is what my friend did considered harassment or something? Note: He didn't send me any chat logs, he just told me that. There is a possibility of him lying, am not sure if this was the actual reason, I just wanna ask if this is harassment and punishable.
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