Chat restricted for being passive aggressive when being flamed

So these are the chat logs in the evidence against me and what got me a 24 game chat restriction: > Game 1 > Pre-Game > Shartak: Can you fp me Yas > Shartak: Please > Shartak: Rip > Shartak: Veigar > Shartak: Can you grab him for me > Shartak: Please > Shartak: Nono > Shartak: I mean can our mid grab me him > Shartak: Nvm lmao > In-Game > Shartak: Thanks for ditching me > Shartak: When i come to help you > Shartak: That was a free kill > Shartak: You had more then 40% hp lmao > Shartak: Not to mention your W heals you > Shartak: Top > Shartak: Ofc > Shartak: Thanks guys > Shartak: All good imma just keep feeding > Shartak: Huge surprise, their jg is actually useful > Shartak: Dw Sylas keep ganking the losing lanes > Shartak: We'll def win then > Shartak: Only difference is im winning a 2v1 lane kiddo > Shartak: I had cs lead and tower damage > Shartak: Like I said earlier > Shartak: Imma just keep feeding > Shartak: Idgaf lmao > Shartak: Im pretty happy actually. Thanks for your concern > Shartak: So i can die ? > Shartak: Thatd be dumb > Shartak: Yall are so good lmao > Shartak: 0/16 > Shartak: Do the math right at least > Shartak: Too bad i'm gold. But good try > Shartak: Idk why youre typing either > Shartak: You lost lane when the jg camped you > Shartak: Like you must be realllllyyyy bad > Shartak: Yalls positioning is top tier > Shartak: Report me for ? > Shartak: Lmk how reporting me for being sad goes > Shartak: Lmao > Post-Game > Shartak: Alright guys > Shartak: My team needs a scapegoat > Shartak: So report me > Shartak: I dont recall Saying i'm inting > Shartak: But good try > Shartak: I said I will keep dying > Shartak: Theres a differene > Shartak: I kept getting camoed > Shartak: Alright there kiddo > Shartak: ITs past your bed time > Shartak: Go to bed > Shartak: You get grumpy when youre tired > Game 2 > In-Game > Shartak: Fucking minions > Shartak: Are you for real > Shartak: gg > Shartak: Games over > Shartak: Gg > Shartak: Mid and jg dont know what theyre doing > Shartak: How tf do you lose to Irelia as Ahri > Shartak: 2 more minutes > Shartak: Its fucking stupid > Shartak: Lmao 3 swhot > Shartak: aight ff > Shartak: Or iafk > Shartak: Games over > Shartak: He has 40% hp > Shartak: Lmao > Shartak: The games over > Shartak: .ff > Shartak: Ff or i afk > Shartak: This is a waste of time > Shartak: Gl > Game 3 > Pre-Game > Shartak: Lux can you fp me Yas if not banned > Shartak: Please :) > Shartak: Fp me Yas please > Shartak: q.q > In-Game > Shartak: Last promo game > Shartak: So yes pls > Shartak: Fuck my life > Shartak: Told you > Shartak: Didnt realize was warded > Shartak: How did you die > Shartak: He ahd no ult > Shartak: This lane is over now > Shartak: Sick gank dude > Shartak: He clearly was going to dive me > Shartak: Kayn top > Shartak: Why ? > Shartak: Both of you tunneled so hard > Shartak: I won top lmao > Shartak: And jax came top twice > Shartak: And died once > Shartak: So :) > Shartak: Yeah so does the objectives > Shartak: I dont give a fuck about my kdr > Shartak: 2 top > Shartak: Get mid > Shartak: Enjoy your mute and report kiddo > Shartak: Like who hurt you lmao > Shartak: End the game > Shartak: Gj Lux > Shartak: Wait > Shartak: Why arent they baroning > Shartak: Jax ??? > Shartak: JAx hello ? > Shartak: Baron was free > Shartak: Lux come with me > Shartak: WE can duo > Shartak: REporting Jac > Shartak: JAx > Shartak: Jax and Ahri > Shartak: The Dynamic duo > Shartak: Enjoy the report JAx > Shartak: Youre terrible and lost it for us > Post-Game > Shartak: Ahri and Jax > Shartak: The dynamic duo > Shartak: Jesus theyre so fuking bad > Shartak: Report JAx > Shartak: For giving up and refusing to group > Shartak: And Ahri for toxic > Now the second game they are using for evidence against me was over a month ago, and I don't deny I was toxic then. It was one of the nights it slipped and I stopped playing the game right after this game to make sure I didn't continue. However the other two, I was consistently flamed during the game and afterwards. Everytime I swore in the chat logs you can see it is either at myself or at my mistakes. And never at another player. I do not understand how being passive aggressive or positive when my team or players on my team are flaming me gets me muted. Could I get some clarification on this please. I was perma banned in 2014 for being toxic, and since I lost that account I have learned to control my toxicity and not be toxic in game, if I get too heated I stop playing for several hours. However, I am human and I still make mistakes. I won't deny that I have slipped up and been toxic but not to the extent of deserving a chat restriction and honor level 0. This is pretty unfair.
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