So my acc was permabanned for "scripting", but here's what I actually do.

One thing I enjoy doing during games is using a custom macro that spams Ctrl+3 or 4, with Rightclick. This makes the player model move around spazzing out with whatever the emote is, in the case of Yuumi you just shake violently. Because of the nature of this macro, I am unable to do anything until I turn it off, otherwise I'll be stuck canceling my auto attacks and can't play the game. That's the only "script" like behavior I use, but this is not refereed to as scripting, as that term is reserved for extreme cases of AI usage. Fast forward to 6/2/19, I log in to see that my account is permanently banned without warning for "scripting". Needless to say I was pissed, and I made a ticket, only for the ticket to be denied. Lets look at what other sources have to say about this kind of Macro usage. Riots own support page. Says the following: > We don’t like applications that provide measurable player advantage. We’d like to set fair expectations by calling out some features that definitely aren’t okay. Some examples of measurable player advantage: > > Exposing information that’s intentionally obfuscated (cooldowns or timers) > Taking actions on your behalf (botting or scripting) > Drawing conclusions for you (predicting enemy positions) > Altering your field of intelligence (zoomhacks or global ult alerts) Does Emote-spamming fall under any of these? No. The only potential application if the "Taking actions on your behalf" but as you will see later on, this is limited to actions that positively impact your own gameplay such as a Macro for Lee sin ward hopping, or an actual script like auto aiming with Xerath. Let's keep reading. > PUNISHMENTS > Suspensions for the use of third-party applications can vary in length depending on the severity of the offense, up to a permanent suspension for consistent, blatant use. If these applications were used to gain rating in ranked, we may also remove the account’s ranked rewards for the season. Let's just get one thing clear, I was not suspended earlier for a small period of time, I was suddenly banned permanently. Based on this, if my actions were seen to violate their acceptable usage of third-party applications, then the ban is of proper length. Not much to see here, though it would've been nice to get a micro-ban telling me to stop so I wouldn't have to deal with a Perma-Ban. Now here's the big part. > Some third-party applications offer multiple services, some of which may fall within acceptable territory. If that application offers any unauthorized services, using it at all will still result in the loss of your account. Based on this, using ANY program that has the possibility of being used maliciously is enough to perma-ban someone. Does that seem fair? Not really, it's the equivalent of arresting someone for owning a gun with charges of mass-murder, despite them never using it outside of a shooting range. Not only is this section not very logical, it is also followed up with contradictions from other sources. The following is from this post. > 📷ZGM Dazzling (NA) - 3 years ago > Does using macros count as scripting? > 📷Wuks (NA)Boards Developer - 3 years ago > Macros that automate any aspect of your gameplay are against the Terms of Use. > 📷ZGM Dazzling (NA) - 3 years ago > Even if they help you type things > 📷Wuks (NA)Boards Developer - 3 years ago > Text macros are fine (don't go overboard and spam), but if you're going to macro a series of spells together, that's not. According to Wuks, there are times where using Macros is acceptable. Typing in chat is "fine", so why is something like using Emotes while walking not? The response to the ticket states > We work hard to preserve a fair and competitive environment in League of Legends so when we find an account is making use of a program that gives it an unfair advantage in the game(whether it was used effectively or not) we do issue a ban to it without warnings. So now we get some conflicting into. A program that has the possibility to be harmful is ban-able, yet other sources are telling me that there is acceptable usages of third-party programs which as stated by Wuks is things along the lines of typing in chat with a macro. I then sent this information and got another response from the ticket telling me: > this was not a mistake even taking into consideration the program you described to me here for using emotes and the unaccounted games. First off, "even", implying that something else was the cause of the ban, and this something else is never going to be told to me, because I'm not entitled to know why I'm banned. Second off, HOW is it fair that people can bully others, constantly harrass people, HACK, and still get away with a minor ban, but me using an EMOTESPAM is way over the top, and worthy of an instant perma-ban with no warning, and > the suspension on this account won't be lifted under any circumstances due to the nature of this ban in this case. Guess I'm going to loose all of my money and time spent in this game because I chose to have some fun and emote-spam, but I guess that is deemed explicitly against the rules, with no second chances. This is ridiculous. Is there no mercy, no logic, behind the ban system for third party programs? The worst thing i can even do with this program, which by the way, is necessary for my Keyboard and Mouse to have functioning lights, is make a lee sin ward hop macro, I can't do some insane scripts that give me a nasty advantage. NOTHING about my case reeks of "unfair advantage", so why is it being treated as such? I quite literally have done nothing to ruin the gameplay experience for others. Can anyone here sit down and give me any logical reason as to why my account deserved to be permabanned from using a macro to walk while dancing? **I am currently fighting this with Riot support, specifically 0rphan, and I'll see what happens, but this is stupid, I don't deserve to loose my account because of this.**

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