Main account of over 6 years locked for no reason!

A long time ago I had a smurf that got a chat restriction for actually no reason. This happened before and I wrote a ticket to riot and they removed the chat restriction. The chat restriction system took my friendly banter with my friends seriously and once a human read the chat logs they realized we were all friends so all good. This ended up happening again and then the riot employee I was talking to saw I had another account which was my main account that looked "suspicious" and he told me he was going to have to lock my main account for suspicious activity on it. It made no fucking sense as to why he was looking into my other accounts when I asked for help on the smurf account I was playing on. Like I can not believe the dude looked into my other accounts and decided to lock it for suspicious activity. Then he asked me to verify that I was the account owner when I was literally asking for help about a chat restriction like wtf? The worst part is I couldn't verify it was my account because all the questions he asked I couldnt remember. I created the account years ago like 2013 or some shit and he wanted to know the first 5 champs I ever purchased. The first skin I got. What friends gifted me skins and shit. He asked for my birthday and I was like fuck... I never put my real birthday on anything online lol. Even on facebook I put that im like 25 or some shit. My family works for the government so they always taught me to never put any information online that people could use to track back to you. So I guess Im fucked riot haha. I spent easily over $800 on my main account, it was Diamond 1 as well and the riot employee just simply locks it. Like what the fuck? I sent the dude all the Receipts from purchases I made, told him all my previous names. What champs I had skins for. Nothing was good enough to verify. Anyone else have an experience like this? Anyone know how I can get my account back lol? Moral of the story, I asked riot for help on smurf, they locked my main and I couldn't verify that I'm the original account creator.
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