Banned for unfair reasoning

A few months ago I was unfairly banned by the system for "scripting". However in the last 3 years that I hhave been playing this game I have never even thought about using a script in order to climb. Seeing as the end of the season was coming, I was beginning to grind soloq, however when i logged in, I was to discover that I had been banned for scripting? I tried to request help from the riot support team, in order to help resolve my issue. However they replied back by saying that once the system has accused you of scripting, (incorrectly in this instance), you can not get your account back! And now they are refusing to communicate with me about my issue, and have closed the case even though my issue has not been solved. And i've also noticed that recently popular streamer "Gosu" got banned and got bot responses as well. IGN: NoEnterKeyy Server: EUW Gosu Thread: Screenshots provided of communication with riot support.
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