PERMANENT Ban for typing 1 or 2 sentences per game arguing back at flamers?!

The title says it all: Typical kid starts screaming literal garbage at you and the whole team while they are literally the worst player on the team in every way, you respond with something like: "No, you're the one who's a tard for yelling at us like a kid while we're just trying to play and help each other" The game ends and I'm PERMANENTLY BANNED. Who runs the LoL tribunal? A bunch of kindergarteners? At this point I'm glad I'm permanently banned so I can finally leave this game. The game itself is great, but I've never met such a trash community in any multiplayer game including any competitive &/or team games out there. And I've also never seen a game's company dealing with this in such a terrible way. If you want to create a tribunal system with people who will decide whether or not someone should be banned, then for Christ sake how the hell do you allow children and random people to access & take control of it?? ARE YOU CRAZY!? Either way, I'm done.
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