Client-Side Dodge Punishment

So, many players have commented on how dodging is “too rampant” or happens too often, and how it may just result in users switching accounts. Why not implement a client-side block on queuing (not an account-side block) for the X amount of time - i.e. that computer would not be able to be used (not IP address, but computer) for queuing for that time. **Problem: This could negatively affect people at gaming cafes.** Solution: This would not apply to gaming cafes, many (most?) of which are already participants in an IP based “unlocked content” program Riot has which would make it easy to identify them and exclude them from this (punishments acquired there would be account-specific, thus if another player logged in they would not have a block). **Problem: People with multiple computers.** Solution: It would be both an account block *and* a client block, thus switching computers would not work. **Problem: People who dodge for “legitimate reasons”.** Solution: The only Riot-supported reason to queue dodge is an emergency - which should not result in returning to the game within the time of standard dodge penalties. People dodging for other reasons do not deserve to be able to just swap accounts and play. **** Thoughts?
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