I Honestly Got 25 Day chat restriction for a pretty bad reason

Hey Riot, I'm just saying after my first chat restriction i got reported once and got a 25 day restriction for not even being toxic. Heres the story the tristana was flaming our whole team and I told her to shut up and mocked her a bit as a joke. Our whole team (As a whole) decided to report her and i ended up getting a 25 day chat restriction. I do not understand how I get the ban if she was also intentionally feeding and being toxic. I will now proceed with what I said but I would also like Riot to check what Trist did the whole game ''Game 1 In-Game zappdrive: my r is learned zappdrive: lol? zappdrive: yea but youve been farming all game zappdrive: i pinged zappdrive: thats suicide zappdrive: ward this zappdrive: pls zappdrive: in case zappdrive: lol zappdrive: dont report her zappdrive: lol zappdrive: eu english zappdrive: just gank her zappdrive: please zappdrive: lol zappdrive: hehe zappdrive: shut up zappdrive: heh zappdrive: you have 1 less death zappdrive: sh zappdrive: oops zappdrive: repoerted zappdrive: m zappdrive: youre toxic zappdrive: im going have to report you zappdrive: stop feeding tirst zappdrive: please zappdrive: if yyoure lagging stop zappdrive: REPORT zappdrive: FEED zappdrive: 1-6 zappdrive: 106 zappdrive: 126 BOT zappdrive: are you 5 zappdrive: REPORTED zappdrive: REPORT THIS TRISTANA zappdrive: report tristana zappdrive: pls zappdrive: yes zappdrive: hello bot lane zappdrive: do soemthing zappdrive: thank you zappdrive: MUTTED zappdrive: <# zappdrive: sax zappdrive: yeah zappdrive: agreed zappdrive: shes just flaming zappdrive: not doing anything zappdrive: TRIST TROLL zappdrive: BAD zappdrive: REPORTED zappdrive: shes flaming us zappdrive: and calling us bad zappdrive: when she runs it down zappdrive: lol zappdrive: it doesnt make sense zappdrive: says you zappdrive: wow zappdrive: that hurts me for them zappdrive: :( zappdrive: lol zappdrive: Gg zappdrive: you muted her pings zappdrive: lol zappdrive: no zappdrive: [;s zappdrive: pls zappdrive: Gg zappdrive: FEED zappdrive: NICE BAN TRISTANA zappdrive: HGAGAGAGA Post-Game zappdrive: what zappdrive: report you zappdrive: lol zappdrive: you flamed all game zappdrive: nice ban buddy zappdrive: ;))) zappdrive: we all reported you zappdrive: hagaggaga'' also she was constantly spamming everything with caps like ''REPROTEDESOAD'' and such so ig I indeed said some pretty obnoxious things and I was also protecting my duo queue as he was constantly flamed by her
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