I *think* I was injustly perma banned

I believe I was unjustly perma banned. This is the entire chat log copy and pasted, unedited. Game 1 Padawan: i wont have q Padawan: hate starting it Padawan: gay Padawan: i was prepared to q and kill Padawan: the flash... Padawan: my blue is panths Padawan: yup Padawan: god Padawan: god fucking shit damn <- not directed towards anyone. Both Nasus and I died in the top lane. Feels bad. Padawan: panth and lee living in my jg Padawan: they are in my jg a lot <- Nasus toxicity begins. Well, it began earlier but this is when I took notice. Padawan: that is what i said Padawan: ****' <- I actually typed 4 stars instead of a curse here. Padawan: 6 Padawan: fuck you nasus made me type <- the one time I cussed at someone, but it was in a joking manner since I died by typing to him lol. Padawan: 6 camps have been taking Padawan: stfu <- at this point nasus was flaming me very hard. This sort of counts as cussing towards him I guess. Padawan: blame yourself for feeding Padawan: not your jgler Padawan: wtf who blames jgler anymore Padawan: laugh away kid Padawan: youre a disgrace <- mean to say, but not ban worthy. Padawan: muted Padawan: toxic ass <- accurate statement, not an insult even, just a fact. Padawan: im fucking tilted <- a swear not directed towards anyone. This is the last swear I use. Padawan: srry team panth tilted me, then nasus flamed me and tilted me more Padawan: statistically speaking nasus caused 33% more likelihood to lose Padawan: report nasus pls Padawan: leona and draven = win condition Padawan: literally 0 camps Padawan: nasus i barely have any farm Padawan: do not take my farm Padawan: please <- I want to quit at this point but am trying very hard to not cuss anymore and play it out. Padawan: i hope people like him stop playing eventually Padawan: makes me so tilted Padawan: please report nasus after game for toxicity Padawan: heavy toxicity* Padawan: literally ruining the game for me Padawan: im srry guys im playing at about 1/3 of usual because of tilt Padawan: its hard to recover .-. Padawan: can thank nasus for assistance in the worse gameplay Padawan: trying <- I was legitimately trying hard. Note: My team was very upset that I was being a baby. Was a super rough game for me. They ganged up on me and all reported me at the end of the game. The ban bot saw that I cussed at him and perma banned me. Summary: I cussed at Nasus once, said stfu once, and called him a disgrace. These are the three triggers that caused my permanent ban. It's about 1/5 of what Nasus said to me, but I do not have his chat logs to share. I was 14-day banned a month ago. No prior chat restrictions or bans before this. This 14 day banned was issued because I told a very mean, very toxic player to "kys", which is definitely bannable and I hold myself entirely accountable for my actions. However, this time around I kept that mind and thought I improved greatly. I suppose not; it's like walking on twigs. Worse thing is that I would never cuss at someone unless they *tried* hard to provoke me, and that's what he did. The Nasus deliberately attempted to push my buttons to see me break, as if he was engaging in psychological warfare. I am not even sure that he got any sort of penalty, but because of his heavy toxicity and my swearing in response, plus him getting the rest of the team to report me since I was annoying and crying all game like a little kid, all made the bot perma ban me in 5 seconds. Thoughts? I put in a support ticket yesterday but haven't gotten a response back.
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