I don't think I deserve to get banned for this 1 single game where I typed

Game 1 Pre-Game BoilTheOil: jg\jg BoilTheOil: \ BoilTheOil: jg In-Game BoilTheOil: |? BoilTheOil: tf you here for BoilTheOil: bro you actually run straight to my red BoilTheOil: go play rankeed BoilTheOil: ad shaco sucks too BoilTheOil: N BoilTheOil: I BoilTheOil: G BoilTheOil: G BoilTheOil: eq\;lqwkm BoilTheOil: scriptor I seriously get a 14 day ban for one match for literally typing nothing im confused. Give me a fucking chat ban for christ sakes its not like im griefing games

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