14 days ban after you get attacked by everyone in your team

So i admit i was having a hard day but i tried to be focus in my ranked games, it happen when 3 premade's start trolling in lobby, i asked for first pick and they started calling me a "%%% " for no reason and that i'm gonna get carried. anyway i didn't replay to them, game started and as you can see in chat log, i was asking for help from the 'yi our jungler after he gave double buff to zed on enemy team in my lane in early game " I was just replaying to them in a defensive way, like gank mid and he is fed, and later i got blamed for feeding the enemy, after few min the thresh use the %%% word again,and the non premade draven called me silver monkey, and i was hopeless hoped the enemy team at least would agree on reporting them, but not as expected the lulu started calling me %%% as well and flamed, but after all that i muted them and i didn't afk or what so ever, i tried to play but we lost and i got reported by the 3 premade's which led to me banned, here is the chat LOG : Game 1 Koobal: qsd Koobal: dqs Koobal: qsd Koobal: well Koobal: gank mid Koobal: and i got fked Koobal: damn Koobal: now he is fed Koobal: don't blame me Koobal: wazsn't looking Koobal: anyway for calling me %%% you don't deserve to win Koobal: idc anyway since thresh called me %%% in lobby Koobal: wow draven Koobal: thank god rito allow us to mute kids with austim Koobal: b Koobal: afk Koobal: gg Koobal: nah Koobal: you and threhs Koobal: remember what you guys said Koobal: you gfed him Koobal: fu Koobal: i won't even try Koobal: u gave him double and you didn't gank Koobal: anyway Koobal: you said u will carry with thresh well do it Koobal: won't bother myself with kids Koobal: ok Koobal: yi bye too Koobal: draven tyler 1 wanna be Koobal: they are preamde, and what you expect from people calling others %%% in lobby ? Koobal: not talking to you ^^ Koobal: talking to people who are mature
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