Riot support ignoring inters even when there's hard evidence.

So in one of my games, the graves was just straight up running it down mid and feeding kills. Check the replay for yourself, also excuse the text boxes, those were to block his name. His final score was 0/10 but I only put the first two times he ran it down. I don't know what the rules on naming and shaming are, so I blocked out his name, if I'm allowed to show it, I'll put a link to the one with the name. The thing is, hes still playing games, even after I reported him after game. I even went as far as to send in a ticket to riot support. Their response was just something about privacy and how they cant tell me what actions they took. Well I know he didn't get punished, as he played a game a few hours ago and I sent in the ticket a few days ago. Also they wouldn't give a chat restriction for inting. My point? Riot support doesn't give a single fuck. There is a replay right there for everyone to see the inting happening and guess what? His account is fine.
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