why was i given a two week ban for this??

Pray: supp pref Pray: 4p can i support? In Game: Pray: wtf Pray: down to next this Pray: ok Pray: lets open Pray: give me suipport Pray: next game Pray: next game Pray: im in fountain Pray: winnable we get outscaled Pray: idk how u can lose mid that hard Pray: to sylas Pray: ur on ur main role and i didnt int offrole Pray: O_O Pray: . Pray: fking creazy Pray: oh Pray: �d3 akali Pray: Ff Pray: go next Pray: its over Pray: yeah Pray: i didnt int Pray: my lane Pray: you did Pray: random Pray: stop typing Pray: ya Pray: and now hes Pray: 9-1 [All]Pray: lol Pray: yeah Pray: you lost lane Pray: its fine dude Pray: you lost to a better player Pray: actually Pray: i went even Pray: you got solo killed Pray: lmfao Pray: you Pray: died Pray: solo Pray: to your laner Pray: you fucking idiot Pray: stop typing youre legit diamond 3 Pray: my offrole is better than ur on role Pray: muted kid Pray: ye Pray: yes Pray: yes Pray: yes Pray: yes Pray: yes Pray: vote yes [All]Pray: why do we have a d3 mid against insanity Pray: yeah bro Pray: XD Pray: dont ping me Pray: ur worthless Pray: she doesnt care Pray: shes d3 [All]Pray: gg report akali Game 3035107360: Pre Game Lobby: Pray: naut open Pray: should Pray: god if they pick him Pray: nvm Pray: why flame me ur a fukin flamer bro Pray: wait a second Pray: is this top Pray: nvm Pray: autism In Game: Pray: � Pray: just farm Pray: bot Pray: no win Pray: 2v2 Pray: ah Pray: np Pray: np Pray: no tilt Pray: dont Pray: condemn Pray: out of my stun plz Pray: me Pray: ah brother Pray: jesus help me Pray: 34 Pray: cs Pray: bro Pray: get xp Pray: bottom Pray: please Pray: next Pray: if u cant ad Pray: dodge Pray: lol Pray: this jayce Pray: dies Pray: without him using r Pray: boosted chinese Pray: yeah Pray: open Pray: boosted chinese Pray: ur on dodge list Pray: �people who go 0-6 Pray: carae Pray: because they wont get a game Pray: whatever he plays Pray: doesnt matter Pray: yeah Pray: ya Pray: you lsot Pray: to a diamond Pray: darius Pray: go next Pray: yeah Pray: because ur Pray: 0-6 Pray: haha Pray: chinese Pray: always suck Pray: at league Pray: unlucky Pray: sorry naut
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