After playing the game since Pre-season 1 (Beta) , I am quitting today. Tribunal is a stain on Riot

I just wanted to say that after playing this game for a near decade, after reaching all sorts of elo and playing with all sorts of people including Doublelift(Duo queue partner in WOW), I am officially quitting this shiet game But before I quit, I wanted to share my thoughts on why this once great game hit rock bottom really quick in the past few years. 1- Tribunal is shit &unfair 2- Riot is trying to turn this game into a casual game as time progresses. Meaning skills are not rewarded. 3- Tribunal is shit. Like total shit. 4- Final and most important reason: Tribunal is GARBAGE. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} To all the riot fan boys who just like dick-riding them (without getting anything in return lol), i want to say: I'm glad we're parting ways, you guys were garbage too. To all the people who say "oh you get banned because you're toxic": You're garbage lol straight up I know some of you people will get the message before they delete it, think about it. Most of us are from World of Warcraft, a game well designed (duh its from blizard) where "toxicity" is not measured by your reaction to events, but by the cause of the events. Where skills is measured, not by "how you talk to others - particularly shitters", but how you play mechanically and how good your judgements are. Hope your game loses value quick. You already milked the cow enough. That being said, peace scrubs! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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