Permanent Ban on account that hasn't been played since July

As the title states above, I had moved back in July to prepare for my Master's program at my new university and have not been online since that point. However it seems that someone had been as my account is now banned. I signed on to view the new season changes earlier in the week and this account was permanently banned for chat logs which I will not put in the chat for the sake of keeping this clean. I have talked with support so far and as expected...they say that I am responsible for all activity on my account and that nothing suspicious was reported about it. That is fine, I understand that I am responsible. However, if I am not attempting to sign on or view my activity on this account how am I to know that suspicious activity or flaming or anything is occurring? So because no "suspicious activity" was reported, they simply tell me that my account is no more. But at what point does Riot also have a slight responsibility to say, hey, this guy went from the occasional report with no prior bans (that I can remember) to 2 different hate speech filled bans within a 2 month period. Yes, hate speech, guess what the chat logs looked like, it was disgusting. Something doesn't add up there, I have been playing for close to 5 years now and I just hate to see it end this way with no way to fight my case simply because I had not signed in for an extended period of time to report my account. If there is truly no way to to solve this case then I suppose the right thing to do is for me bring it to everyone's attention that there is quite a flaw here that might need addressing in the ban department. At what point does activity on an account become "suspicious"? And how would Riot assist players in discovering the account is being used should someone be on it without purchasing, or does that still rely solely on the players discovering it themselves? And if the player truly is solely responsible for his account, why would we not have more security features that say, steam or blizzard have in that putting an extra authentication number/password that can be sent to our phones into the game as an option?
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