Worth the ban?

Yeah I was somewhat toxic, said some swear words, but it is always frustrating you can't see what the other players put. I've been banned on a couple of accounts now, never have I once disputed it or complained.. I know I can get toxic. But these games are just silly to be banned.. I know I shouldn't talk so much in my games, but when I see overt racism and toxicity I just reply. Game 1 Pre-Game SeeÚSpaceCowboy: jg In-Game SeeÚSpaceCowboy: ty SeeÚSpaceCowboy: nice flash SeeÚSpaceCowboy: doesnt even know how poppy works SeeÚSpaceCowboy: cute SeeÚSpaceCowboy: wp blitz SeeÚSpaceCowboy: no surprise the toxic kid is also racist SeeÚSpaceCowboy: enjoy the report :) SeeÚSpaceCowboy: i wouldnt play with this guy trist XD props to you SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you're pinging me why zed? SeeÚSpaceCowboy: wp ^^ SeeÚSpaceCowboy: intentional ^^ SeeÚSpaceCowboy: the only losers this game SeeÚSpaceCowboy: are you and trist :) SeeÚSpaceCowboy: wp SeeÚSpaceCowboy: 2/4 botlane would suggest otherwise :) and your attitude makes you losers SeeÚSpaceCowboy: + losing first tower :) SeeÚSpaceCowboy: wp guys SeeÚSpaceCowboy: and now look at trist XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: sore loser SeeÚSpaceCowboy: taking camps SeeÚSpaceCowboy: even ults for it lmao SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you guys must be real popular irl XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: nice feed on twitch botlane :) SeeÚSpaceCowboy: wp zed SeeÚSpaceCowboy: now he acts nice XD you're a fucked up person bro SeeÚSpaceCowboy: "for messing up a stun" SeeÚSpaceCowboy: which wasnt possible lol SeeÚSpaceCowboy: dumb dumb blitz XD racist too SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you dont know shit mate SeeÚSpaceCowboy: clearly SeeÚSpaceCowboy: obviously his premade will talk shit for him SeeÚSpaceCowboy: but that is sad to me, clearly not friends if he lets him act like this/be racist SeeÚSpaceCowboy: report blitz then sure ;) SeeÚSpaceCowboy: report me XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you serious zed XD/ SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you gonna jump on the bandwagon SeeÚSpaceCowboy: there is no hope SeeÚSpaceCowboy: i cba to explain SeeÚSpaceCowboy: why your tf was a bad idea SeeÚSpaceCowboy: report blitz SeeÚSpaceCowboy: gg wp Post-Game SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you've all seen it before SeeÚSpaceCowboy: toxic premade SeeÚSpaceCowboy: sticking up for eachother SeeÚSpaceCowboy: sad imo, you should be good friends and tell eachother to stop the racist/toxic bs :p Game 2 Pre-Game SeeÚSpaceCowboy: whoever you want SeeÚSpaceCowboy: thats not bad ;p SeeÚSpaceCowboy: oh SeeÚSpaceCowboy: its the kat SeeÚSpaceCowboy: XD In-Game SeeÚSpaceCowboy: it isnt no SeeÚSpaceCowboy: why? SeeÚSpaceCowboy: dunno what my winrate is SeeÚSpaceCowboy: because i dont care for it XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: i got into plat once XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: but ill say gold :) SeeÚSpaceCowboy: dont like ranked SeeÚSpaceCowboy: no summs bot :) SeeÚSpaceCowboy: i see SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you're a real tryharder XD.. SeeÚSpaceCowboy: salty boys XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: im not surprised :p SeeÚSpaceCowboy: yes mate SeeÚSpaceCowboy: ? SeeÚSpaceCowboy: nice summs SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you're* SeeÚSpaceCowboy: come on bro SeeÚSpaceCowboy: nah, just if you dont know the difference between the two at your assumed age, you've no hope XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: dw vayne and nami are reported ^^ SeeÚSpaceCowboy: vayne healed it XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: not really a fail SeeÚSpaceCowboy: i did SeeÚSpaceCowboy: lmao obviously im not XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: are you haha SeeÚSpaceCowboy: draven mate SeeÚSpaceCowboy: ar you trying to piss us off :s SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you ran that whole fight? SeeÚSpaceCowboy: so he has tabis SeeÚSpaceCowboy: that means cba to fight SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you're making no sense SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you didnt start a fight SeeÚSpaceCowboy: so you cant participate? SeeÚSpaceCowboy: defending mid SeeÚSpaceCowboy: jesus christ SeeÚSpaceCowboy: shouldve reported you last game SeeÚSpaceCowboy: acting like a real big shot SeeÚSpaceCowboy: alright big man SeeÚSpaceCowboy: stop talking then SeeÚSpaceCowboy: lmao SeeÚSpaceCowboy: 101 of the child mentality SeeÚSpaceCowboy: "no you" SeeÚSpaceCowboy: the kids these days SeeÚSpaceCowboy: they're smoking good shit SeeÚSpaceCowboy: to be so mad XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: idc if you're challenger maet SeeÚSpaceCowboy: its not like playing on a smurf SeeÚSpaceCowboy: decreases your performanc SeeÚSpaceCowboy: so 2/5 draven SeeÚSpaceCowboy: is as good as you get SeeÚSpaceCowboy: 2/6* SeeÚSpaceCowboy: "i can 1v9 on anyone" SeeÚSpaceCowboy: "name a champ" SeeÚSpaceCowboy: alright man SeeÚSpaceCowboy: theres a surprise XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: the big man went afk haha SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you're showing the total opposite :p SeeÚSpaceCowboy: XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: ty for making my morning humourous mate :p SeeÚSpaceCowboy: i dont care about your main :p SeeÚSpaceCowboy: i told you already SeeÚSpaceCowboy: your skills dont decrease on a smurf SeeÚSpaceCowboy: so if you're diamond or whatever SeeÚSpaceCowboy: probably bought that acc too XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: HAHa SeeÚSpaceCowboy: i actually laughed SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you're a funny guy :p SeeÚSpaceCowboy: ez SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you're salty friend SeeÚSpaceCowboy: get some freshair SeeÚSpaceCowboy: i helped SeeÚSpaceCowboy: lmao SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you've got it all wrong buddy :p SeeÚSpaceCowboy: ez SeeÚSpaceCowboy: what is your problem XD!? SeeÚSpaceCowboy: do you want to talk about it SeeÚSpaceCowboy: ive said/done nothing to you SeeÚSpaceCowboy: are you sniffing substances SeeÚSpaceCowboy: ive been playing all game SeeÚSpaceCowboy: draven hasnt SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you havent said a word to him SeeÚSpaceCowboy: stop doing drugs SeeÚSpaceCowboy: ult it ez SeeÚSpaceCowboy: dumb dumb SeeÚSpaceCowboy: gj nasus SeeÚSpaceCowboy: and look at you now XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: flaming SeeÚSpaceCowboy: trolling SeeÚSpaceCowboy: afking SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you're just upset SeeÚSpaceCowboy: because you t hought you'd prove your point SeeÚSpaceCowboy: and style this game :p SeeÚSpaceCowboy: but you lost hard XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: alright buddy SeeÚSpaceCowboy: deflec SeeÚSpaceCowboy: gg wp? XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: id rather eat dirt mate :p Post-Game SeeÚSpaceCowboy: this game should go online SeeÚSpaceCowboy: the epitome ofl eague now SeeÚSpaceCowboy: a salty adc SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you're SeeÚSpaceCowboy: on SeeÚSpaceCowboy: drugs SeeÚSpaceCowboy: stop SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you're actually nuts XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: i didnt flame anyoen SeeÚSpaceCowboy: believe me :p SeeÚSpaceCowboy: this ez SeeÚSpaceCowboy: is on something SeeÚSpaceCowboy: ah i see :p SeeÚSpaceCowboy: vayne :p Game 3 Pre-Game SeeÚSpaceCowboy: supp In-Game SeeÚSpaceCowboy: first time vel SeeÚSpaceCowboy: dont flame SeeÚSpaceCowboy: slap a hoe SeeÚSpaceCowboy: obviously SeeÚSpaceCowboy: we get ganked level 2 SeeÚSpaceCowboy: yasuo SeeÚSpaceCowboy: honestly :s SeeÚSpaceCowboy: everyone pinged kata SeeÚSpaceCowboy: and you just sat mid SeeÚSpaceCowboy: because hes a fucking idiot SeeÚSpaceCowboy: thats why SeeÚSpaceCowboy: wp kai sa SeeÚSpaceCowboy: wp SeeÚSpaceCowboy: just said wp SeeÚSpaceCowboy: cause you died SeeÚSpaceCowboy: lol SeeÚSpaceCowboy: tower dived the lagging lulu SeeÚSpaceCowboy: died XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: report kai'sa SeeÚSpaceCowboy: not only was he killing a clearly lagging lulu SeeÚSpaceCowboy: hes now trolling because he died xD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: im playing with a friend :p SeeÚSpaceCowboy: so try again ;P SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you're just bad ;p SeeÚSpaceCowboy: check out the trolling adc, killing the lagging player over and over XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: gj kata SeeÚSpaceCowboy: ah :p SeeÚSpaceCowboy: well two trolls in the botlane then xD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: katarina and fizz are the worst champions ever made :p SeeÚSpaceCowboy: easy af, too much outplay potential SeeÚSpaceCowboy: and it looks cool XD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: point and case SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you're just running around oneshotting people SeeÚSpaceCowboy: focus kata SeeÚSpaceCowboy: we win SeeÚSpaceCowboy: ez SeeÚSpaceCowboy: i mean XD look at that SeeÚSpaceCowboy: you're acting cool about it SeeÚSpaceCowboy: but you pressed one key to do that :p not much skill SeeÚSpaceCowboy: shall we ff ?:P SeeÚSpaceCowboy: lol SeeÚSpaceCowboy: as if SeeÚSpaceCowboy: woah SeeÚSpaceCowboy: big man over here xD SeeÚSpaceCowboy: look at that skill SeeÚSpaceCowboy:  Post-Game SeeÚSpaceCowboy: rek yas kata SeeÚSpaceCowboy: hyper carrys SeeÚSpaceCowboy: lol ofc you can SeeÚSpaceCowboy: funny boy Xd Let me know your thoughts? Should I be banned for all this? I can go through the chat log and mention why most of this was said, actually saved the second game (which was my last one, so I dunno why its game 2?) because it was so bad.. everyone was mad toxic from minute 1.
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