When did being friendly and positive become a bad thing?

Let me tell you a story. I queued up for a ranked game. I was in my series and quite excited to see if I could get to Gold III today. To my delight, I get mid and first pick. I hover Ahri, and go on to greet my teammates and ask how they're doing. Our ADc says I'm pissing him off and I'm "cringe". He then bans my pick and says: "Whoops, miss clicked ;)" I ignore this and tell him it's no problem, trying not to start tilting before the game has even begun. I ask our last pick for a ban and he kindly agrees. I start chatting with our Shen jungle, asking him how viable the pick is in an attempt to lighten up the mood. We get into the game. I wish everyone good luck in all chat. We start playing, everyone is doing pretty well. Suddenly, our Draven goes off and starts flaming our support because he picked ignite rather than exhaust. It might be worth noting that I didn't have ignite as a midlaner, which may justify the support's choice. I try to stay positive and keep my team's spirits high. I tell Draven it's going to be fine, that ignite isn't a bad choice. Draven dies and starts spamming the missing ping on his support. We team fight a few times, I apologize for a mistake, I warm of incoming ganks, I notify in chat that I am backing, I congratulate my teams on good plays, things like that. Draven says I am "fucking cringe" and he will AFK if I keep talking like that. I ask him to please mute me instead. He goes silent for a while, then starts flaming his support again. 20 minutes come and he tries to surrender while we're all tremendously ahead except for him. Everyone says no, of course, and the enemy team surrenders. In post game lobby, I can finally tell him what I think of his behaviour. I tell him I know he banned my pick on purpose, and that he probably needs help if positivity makes him tell me to kill myself. I tell him he's what's wrong with this community. He says I act like a girl. I tell him that I, in fact, am a girl. He then apologizes, saying my behaviour isn't cringe for a girl, just for a guy. I report him and leave. He adds me. ??? **TL;DR - ADc got super pissed and flamed like a madman because I was being positive in chat and it somehow tilted him.** Wanna know the worst part? It is far from the first time something similar has happened to me. 90% of the time, I do not get a response to my greetings, which is a little annoying but fine. Having someone throwing/trolling/flaming because I am being a little chatty and positive is extremely stupid and makes me really sad. What is this community anymore? EDIT: Lots of people were talking about adding each other and making teams of positive players. I thus invite you all to join me on my weird Discord server. :) https://discord.gg/j2bu4
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